Wolves vs. “Mark” and the Falcons

Game 1: Wolves (11) vs Tigers (17)

There was anything but love on this mother’s day as some serious rivalries have started to brew – especially for the Wolves! The team that boasts the youngest overall team with no one over the age of 23ish (or over the height of 5’5) were blown out by the Tigers.

The Tigers, who drafted 1st overall have since been widely criticized for what can only be seen as purposely throwing away their pick.  If drafting the relatively unknown Miqdad Jaffer was a shock, their decision to start their season with Mark as a callup made up for the draft blunder. Too bad the ringer was used in the first game of the season and now the secret is out of the bag.

The “Marks”, the Tigers unofficial new name, called up Mark who led them to a 6 run victory with 3 RBIs, 1 HR, and 2 Doubles in the game.

Game 2: Wolves (11) vs Falcons (10)

It didn’t end there for the Wolves though, as they took on the highly touted, but ridiculously old and slow Falcons in their second game. Experience didn’t play a factor as the Wolves squeezed out a 1 run victory.

The draft was definitely on the mind of Falcons OF Riaz Champsi who went undrafted by the Wolves, where most of his friends and family landed, before being scooped up by the Falcons. With a chip on his shoulder to prove his worth, Riaz, sliding around with no cleats in the outfield, played some good D and got on base multiple times to prove his worth.

Nadim Rahemtulla, noticeably wearing sunglasses although there was no sun, who was drafted ahead of Champsi, also showed his worth with decent play at SS and drawing walks.  Watch for this matchup more this season.

The rivalry heated up when the Wolves pitcher Mik Ratansi was accused of purposely switching to a faulty ball to pitch to #1A draft pick Ali Manek. Raising more questions was the fact that with Manek on 2nd, they requested to switch the back to a game ball. With Manek complaining, Imran Nasser agreed saying “if we were using the correct ball, my hit over his [Manek’s] head that hit the fence would have gone out.”

Ratansi added more fuel to the game with the score tied 6-6; his quick pitch to Abbasali Kermalli raised the stakes. With Karmali clearly standing outside of the box, Ratansi quick pitched him and the Umpire called it a strike. With the protected player rule now out of the way, Ratansi intentionally walked him, which got him an eye-to-eye lecture after the game (Ratansi standing; Abbas sitting on the grass).

Game 3: Lions (7) vs Eagles (0)

This game was ruled a forfeit and was scored as 7-0 in favour of the Lions.

Game 4: Lions (7) vs Owls (0)

This game was ruled a forfeit and was scored as 7-0 in favour of the Lions.


    1. These write ups are trash. Someone fire this guy! Game is tied 6-6 then what happens?? How did it end? I heard it was a riaz Champsi error? Or a ball over Maneks head? No wonder he went 2nd overall.

  1. Wow! No mention of the first place team and their epic 11 run comeback in the bottom half of the last inning despite playing against an non-legit roster. There’no better incentive to dominate than being dissed by the media?

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