Week 3 – Power Rankings


With the threat of rain and a thunder storm looming, we persevered and played on – the rain held off and we got all our games in. With that we have some changes in our power rankings for you.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 +2 As promised, the Lions won, so this is where they belong. The only undefeated team remaining. They’ve got a strong test coming up with this week with games against the Tigers – who are hungry for a win, and the Wolves who want to get back to their winning ways. This team has been firing on all cylinders, but we saw a weakness peak through the cracks last week – they have some wholes in their outfield and need to move people around to accommodate the weakness. It’s a minor one, but lack of positional strength is the only way this team will lose right now.
2 -1 They took a loss at the hands of the Lions, but they were short handed to begin with. This team’s pitching is going to be a constant Achilles heel. This week they face the Wolves and the Falcons and while they’ve been good – their power has been coming almost exclusively from Imran Nasser (Shout out to Irfahn Khimji who hit the top of the house in LF though) – unless Abbasali Kermalli figures out his swing this team is going to be in trouble in their double header. Let’s see if they can prove us wrong.
3 This team is not one that will bury you, but they won’t be walked over either. They will be competitive in every single game they play. However, we’re not convinced that they are going to put on a long winning streak. We see this team has the perennial .667 winning percentage – win 2, lose 1. We would love for them to prove us wrong, but we need to see some kind of killer instinct. Blow out a good team, you’ve got 2 you’re facing this week in the Lions and the Bucks – let’s see if the ability to crush a team exists, or will it just be another case of win 1 lose 1.
4 +1 2 win streak and looking to build on that – this team has found something to get some wins and his name is Raheel Rawjani. Rawjani has been an amazing addition to the team, making sure that every ball in LF is caught and doesn’t stand a chance of finding the grass. His offence has been coming along very slowly, but this team will win on its defence and if they can get a win against a full Falcons roster, then maybe we move them up in the rankings.
5 -1 Ali Manek hit 4 HRs, and then disappeared, and so did this team’s chance of having any kind of power. There aren’t enough big bats in this roster to really be a threat to any team. However, the presence of Manek changes this entire team. With games against the Bucks and Eagles this week they’ll need to hope that they don’t get out managed out of a win. Look for the Eagles and Bucks to put Manek on base with 4 straight balls to basically neutralize this team.
 6 We’re ready for some early predictions. The Tigers have just the one game against the Lions in the morning and we think they get their first win. Vick Vij should be in attendance and that is enough to turn the fortunes of this team around. They’re playing relaxed and that seems to be benefitting Minaz Noormohamed who used to spike the ball into the ground on the second half of the double play, but is now turning them without a problem. This relaxed atmosphere we think is enough to get them a win this week.

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