Week 2 – Power Rankings

Well that was a fun week. We had multiple homeruns, even from players we never thought would hit them, including 4 HRs by one player, a cycle, and an ERA of 14000.00 to talk about. With the addition of pitching stats our pitchers are chomping at the bit to see how their impact translates on the stat sheet, but our teams are more concerned about their power rankings. We’ve got some changes this week, check them out.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 They might have had a couple of rough games – but they still haven’t lost. It’s hard to take them off this spot – especially when the two teams that could potentially own this spot – the Lions and Wolves – either have been shaky or just haven’t shown enough to get moved up yet. The weirdest thing about this team is that Abbasali Kermalli seems to have lost a step – it seems like HRs are out of reach for him but everyone else seems to be picking up the slack. I’ll say it now – Lions if you beat them next week this spot is yours.
2 +2 So now you’re looking at this, and if you’re a Lions fan you’re saying – we beat them, how can they possibly be higher in the power rankings than we are. Well the difference is these guys have played 2 games of stellar defence, and they did so without even their best pitcher on their mound – they did it with their 3rd best pitcher, who is also one of their best outfielders! Their defence actually should be better next week. Then they went ahead and hit 27 runs, 4 home runs, all over the field, and showed little to no weaknesses. This team is dangerous, expect them to take the top spot before the season is over.
3 Calm, cool, collected. This team is a veteran machine. They are playing great defence and just enough offence to win games. They haven’t shown an ability to take over a game or to be in command yet, so that limits their ability to move up the rankings. Their defence is amazing though, and with the Hussain brothers holding down the left side of the defence and Zane turning double plays from the outfield to end games. It’s going to be difficult to put up a lot of runs against them. I’ll be true to my word, win next week and top spot is yours.
4 -2 I’d put them lower, but I’m cutting them a break since they were missing a lot of their team. However, this team is on notice, they need to get back to their winning ways, and with only one game this coming week, they only have one chance to do it. The good news is that it’s against the Eagles – a team they’ve already beaten so they should walk onto the field with confidence. The bad news is that Ali Manek and his power offence will be missing.
5 This team is at the cusp of breaking through, but they can’t play a consistent enough game to do it. They’re making a lot of rookie mistakes, not tagging up, not hitting cut offs, just a general laissez faire attitude about the game. If this team can take it seriously for 7 innings, then they might be able to pull of a win. They’ve got a tough test in the Wolves but maybe a short handed Falcons team is just what they need to get a win this coming week.
They’re showing progress, scoring more runs, and playing better defence. However, there’s no reason to move them out of this bottom spot just yet. We were close to doing it, and Mehdi Nasser is going to be the reason we eventually do. Word is that his cousin Asad Nasser is the best pitcher this league has ever and will ever see – at least that’s what the text message he sent me says. We’ll see how it turns out – they’ve got 2 games this week to find a way to win.

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