Stat Definitions

Hitting Stats

AB – At Bats (Total Plate Appearances – Walks – Sacrifice Flies)
R – Runs Scored (How many times you crossed the plate)
H – Hits (1B + 2B + 3B + HR)
2B – Doubles
3B – Triples
HR – Homeruns
RBI – Runs Batted In (How many runs scored due to your AB)
BB – Walks
SO – Strike Outs
ROE – Reached on Error (Got on base due to a defensive error)
FC – Fielder’s Choice (Got on base but the defence got someone already on base out instead of you)
SF – Sacrifice Flies (Run scored but your fly ball was caught)
AVG – Batting Average (Hits/AB)
SLG – Slugging Percentage (Number of bases per AB)
OBP – On Base Percentage ([H + BB]/PA)

Pitching Stats

W – Wins (Pitcher was in the lead when the game was won)
L – Loss (Pitcher was pitching when the opponent took the lead)
S – Save (Pitcher closed the game and kept the lead)
IP – Innings Pitched (1 out = 0.33 innings pitched)
Balls – Balls Thrown
Strikes – Strikes Thrown
Strike % – Strike Percentage (Strikes/[Strikes + Balls])
ER – Earned Runs (How many runs scored – does not include runs scored due to defensive errors)
K – Strike Outs
BBA – Walks Allowed
HA – Hits Allowed
HRA – Home Runs Allowed
GBO – Ground Ball Outs (How many outs were recorded on ground balls)
FBO – Fly Ball Outs (How many outs were recorded on fly ball outs)
ERA – Earned Run Average ([ER/IP]*7 – We play 7 inning games not 9)
WHIP – How many base runners reach base each inning pitched ([BBA + HA]/IP)


  1. How do you determine an error?
    Errors are determined based on a defensive player making a mistake either fielding or throwing that would be deemed ordinary effort. i.e. A dropped ball on a dive would not be considered ordinary effort. This is to the judgement of the score keeper.