Season Preview

We stand a mere two days before the first game of our inaugural season. 4 teams in this first season, 56 players, and another 20+ on the waiting list. Even more still regretting not being able to sign up sooner. Those decisions are in the past now, and those players wait for their next opportunity to play.

What awaits us now is the games themselves, all the preparation, all the waiting, we now get to see what everyone is made of. As the spring time turns to summer, everyone knows what time it is. Cleats being shined. Jerseys being ironed. Batting cages being visited. And the last minute run to National Sports.

Some teams have been practicing for weeks. Some are just meeting each other for the first time. Veterans, rookies, old, young, the crazy stats guy and the “coaching from the couch” guy. All are welcome. GMs worrying about pitching, batting lineups, and how much money they’ll have to fork out to the “swear jar.” It all comes to fruition on Sunday, May 31 at Richmond Green #3. The start of an era. The JMS era.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

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