Recap – Week Three

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays – 6:30 PM

After a break that felt way too long for some, the JMS League started off the post-Ramadhan portion of its season with a shootout that came down to a walk-off by Blue Jays’ Hussein Jiwan, leading his team to a 13-12 victory over the Red Sox. While their fielding was abundant in errors, the Jays had no trouble going for the fences. Syed Zane Hussain and Kashif Merchant both knocked balls out of the park, for a combined 5 RBIs. While Red Sox’s Hussein Allidina and Miqdad Jaffer (9 combined RBIs) did all they could to keep their team in the game, fielding became a major hindrance for the team. The team gave up leads of 7-6 and 12-9; it seems as though the previous league-leading team may have found their Achilles’ heel. This matchup had a bit of a “Comedy of Errors” aura to it, but the Blue Jays will take the win, sloppiness and all.

MVP: Blue Jays’ Syed Zane Hussain – 1 HR, 4 RBI and 2 runs.

Expos vs. Pirates – 8:00 PM

In what turned out to be the highest scoring output of the season, the Expos took Game 1 of their doubleheader against the Pirates by a scoreline of 18-9. While the Blue Jays asserted their long game on their opponent, the Expos showed their dominance through efficient and consistent hitting. In 27 at bats, the team managed to accumulate 18 hits. As evidenced by the co-MVPs, they played a solid all-around game, with multiple players stepping up in their roles and performing. While the Pirates remain at the bottom of the standings, they may have found their silver lining. Newcomer Kumail Meghani smashed home a grand slam on his 2nd-ever at bat in the league, giving the Pirates some hope that they can turn around their currently winless season.

Co-MVPs: Expos’ Asad Hussain and Kazim Merchant – combined 6 RBI and 4 runs.

Pirates vs. Expos – 9:30 PM

For the 2nd week in a row, the Pirates were given a chance to avenge their loss; sadly for them, the script remained the same. After scoring double-digit runs on them in the first game, the Expos followed up their performance with a 13-3 drubbing of the Pirates. Once again, the Expos’ stuck to their team-predicated game plan (making my job to decide the MVP of the game that much harder). Four players got 2 or more RBIs, probably causing a bit of a scare for the rest of the league. One game after looking like their offense was doing well, the Pirates batted a putrid 0.346 average as a team, with all three of their runs coming in the 4th inning. As seen in both the scorelines and the league standings, these teams are trending in two completely opposite directions, with the Expos flexing their muscles and the Pirates praying for a win.

Co-MVPs: Expos’ Mohez Kamalia and Jaffer Kermali – combined 6 RBI and 2 runs.

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