Preview – Week Two

Expos vs. Blue Jays – 6:30 PM

After an epic first matchup between these two teams, the Expos will be on the hunt to claim revenge on the Blue Jays for a game they believe they should have won. In their previous matchup, a 6-6 tie that lasted the maximum game time, the Expos had come out to a big lead, only to see it squandered away in the waning moments of the game. Perhaps the biggest battle within the game will be between the Expos’ Asad Hussain (4 total RBIs) vs. the Jays’ Kashif Merchant (3 RBIs). If you’re batting before these guys, just get on base; they’ll be sure to bring you home as the league-leaders in RBIs. With these two big hitters, both defenses will have to step their games up, pitching will have to be on point and mistakes will have to be at a minimum.

Pirates vs. Red Sox – 8:00 PM
Red Sox vs. Pirates – 9:30 PM

Last week, the Pirates didn’t really play a game; while the Red Sox wish they didn’t play a game. While the Pirates’ game was cancelled in the 2nd inning, as the field was getting hammered by rainfall, the Red Sox got hammered by the Expos in a 12-0 beatdown. From what we’ve seen of the Pirates, they’ll be sure to bring the firepower; their first inning of the year was filled with 6 total runs. Right now, the Red Sox would settle for just one of those, after being shut out last week. However, don’t sleep on the Sox just yet. They’ll have two chances for redemption as they take on the Pirates in a double header!

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