The Campaign

In 2023, JMS League is once again partnering with the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank for a campaign we’re calling “Bank Our Bases”.

We’re asking players, fans, and really anyone interested to pledge an amount for each base achieved by batters during the JMS League Playoff Weekend – August 26th and 27th. We’re recommending a donation somewhere between 5¢ and $2, but feel free to go more or less or whatever you’re comfortable with. Then watch the playoffs, or check out the website (or JMS Whatsapp News group) during playoff weekend to see how many bases we get.


Hey everyone! Let’s dive into the details. Imagine you decide to pledge 5¢ for every base:

  • Walked or hit a single? That’s 1 base. (And yep, walks are in the game!).
  • Landed a double? You’ve got 2 bases.
  • Achieved a triple? That’s 3 bases shining for you.
  • Hit a home run or, for our stellar pitchers, earned a strikeout? Celebrate with 4 bases!

Reflecting on 2022: players clocked in 625 bases and our pitchers made a statement with 45 strikeouts. So, adding in the strikeouts (which are 4 bases each), that’s a total of 805 bases! If you pledged 5¢ per base, your heartfelt contribution would’ve rounded off to $40.25. It’s straightforward: your pledge x the total bases.

A quick flashback: In 2022, together we raised an astonishing $61,670.50. Question is, can we set a new record this year? Challenge is on!

Every pledge matters and aids families right here in our community. Stay tuned to this space for updates on our pledge tally. A shoutout to all JMS players – let’s amp up those hits! Every base counts towards aiding our food bank.

Post playoffs, we’ll drop the final base stats and circle back to you regarding your pledges. Then, it’s time to make your valuable contribution to the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank. Added perk? It comes with tax benefits. We’ll ask you to make your contribution directly to the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank, donations will be eligible for a taxable receipt.

Ready to make a difference? Pour in your pledges using the form below. Let’s make this year epic!

Make your pledge


About the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank

The Masumeen Muslim Food bank (MMFB) is a unique food bank which provides a delivery of monthly food packages to families in need. Deliveries are done in a private and confidential manner thereby maintaining the dignity of the recipients.  These families are from multiple faiths and based around the Peel Region and some parts of the GTA. The food packages contain non-perishables, halal protein (meat, chicken, fish), perishables (fruits and vegetables), toiletries, hygiene products, and gift cards to supplement any groceries that the families may need.

When it’s time to donate

When it’s time to make a donation, just go to Choose One Time, General, and then enter your final pledged amount (which will be emailed to you) under Masumeen Muslim Food Bank (MMFB) and Social Services Activities, when selecting your centre, if you don’t know yours, select MIC.