Ladies Rules

JMS Ladies Playing Rules

Where not mentioned specifically, JMS Ladies games will be governed by the rules of Slo-Pitch Ontario (SPO).

1.00 – Playing Procedures

1.01 – Bases will be 65 feet apart. Pitching distance can be no closer than 35 feet, in the team pitch format.
1.02 – A commit line of 28 feet will be added, players crossing the commit line and returning will be called out
1.03 – A mercy of 5 runs per inning will be in effect for the first 6 innings of the game. The 7th or last (as declared by the umpire) inning shall be unlimited
1.04 – Unless otherwise stated, the home team will be the team listed first in the schedule and will be the defensive team at the start of each inning
1.05 – Warm up prior to games must be restricted to the outfield. No infield warm up may take place.
1.06 – An injured player, or one having to leave, may be removed from the game, and will be skipped in the batting order without resulting in an out.
1.07 – Games are 90 minutes long, no new inning may begin after 75 minutes
1.08 – Defensive team may elect to play 10 defensive players: 1 catcher, 1 pitcher, 4 infielders and 4 outfielders. The fourth outfielder may play an infield position if so desired.

2.00 – Equipment

2.01 – Only softball bats are allowed to be used in the league. There are no restrictions on governing bodies for approval. Final ruling is judgement of the umpire.
2.02 – Pitchers may wear a facemask if so desired. This is optional and at the discretion of the pitcher.
2.03 – Players should refrain from wearing any jewelry.

3.00 – Extra Players

3.01 – A minimum of 8 players is required to start a game. A 10 minute grace period will be given, after which the offending team will forfeit. Teams may elect to play an exhibition game at their discretion.
3.02 – A team having 9 players may request a NON-fielding catcher from their opponent.
3.03 – A team may utilize up to 3 from the waitlist as necessary but require 7 of their own players, waitlist players must bat at the bottom of the lineup and cannot pitch.
3.04 – Late arriving players can be added to the lineup at any time in the game upon their arrival. They will assume the last position in the batting lineup
3.05 – Failure to field 7 of your own players will result in a forfeit.

4.00 – Running

4.01 – There is no limit to the number of courtesy runners that can be utilized.
4.02 – Courtesy runners are restricted to be used only for those players that are injured
4.03 – A courtesy runner must be the last player that was declared out
4.04 – Sliding is permitted at all bases, except home plate
4.05 – Stepping on home plate by a runner shall be ruled an automatic out
4.06 – Stepping on the white portion of first base, and not the orange safety portion, shall be ruled an automatic out when a play is occurring at that base.
4.07 – Leading off is not permitted. Runners may only leave once the ball is contacted. Any player leaving early shall be declared out.

5.00 – Batting

5.01 – Bunting is illegal. Any player ruled to have bunted be it fair or foul shall be declared out.

6.00 – Pitching

6.01 – The offensive team will designate a pitcher to pitch to their own team. The pitcher once starting the at bat, must finish before being changed.
6.02 – There are a maximum of 5 pitches allowed per batter, a foul ball on the 5th and final pitch will be considered an out.
6.03 -The offensive pitcher may not touch the ball while the defense is making a play. Balls from the outfield must go to an infielder who will return it to the pitcher when play has ceased. If the pitcher interferes with a play by the defensive team, the ball is dead and the runner nearest home plate is out.

7.00 – Umpires

7.01 – Any rule not covered by these rules will be at the discretion of the umpire
7.02 – Any intent to injure shall be ruled an automatic ejection and is subject to suspension and/or fine.
7.03 – Any ejection will result in an automatic next game suspension. Additional suspension and fine is at the discretion of JMS Management.
7.04 – An ejected player must leave the park and cannot remain on the bench, bleachers, or vicinity of the diamond.
7.05 – The umpire will monitor the timing of the game on his clock and will declare the last inning when appropriate. See 1.07.
7.06 – The umpire is the ultimate authority on the field.

8.00 – Fines & Suspensions

8.01 – A forfeit will result in an automatic $50 fine to cover the cost of the diamond
8.02 – No profanity in any language will be tolerated. First offense by any player will be a warning for the team. Subsequent offenses will be result in a $5 fine or removal from the game.
8.03 – Any player found to be consuming alcohol or using drugs will be automatically removed from the game. Suspended pending review, and be issued a $200 fine.
8.04 – Any inappropriate behavior on the field can result in a suspension issued by the board of directors, this suspension is independent of any action taken by the umpire at the game.

9.00 – Scoring

9.01 – Managers should submit their lineup to the scorekeeper at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.

Rules are subject to change without notice