Ladies Exhibition Games


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Salaam Alaikum,

With the exhibition games only a week away, we wanted to make sure everyone is in the same ballpark and ready to go full swing once we get on the diamond. All the pertinent details are enclosed below, one base at a time. 

1st Base: When & Where

The games are scheduled for this upcoming Sunday September 27, at Richmond Green.

  • Game 1 is at 3PM: Red vs Green. We encourage the ladies playing in this time slot to arrive by 2:30PM for warm-up and practice.
  • Game 2 is at 5PM: Black vs Blue. We encourage the ladies to arrive early to watch the first session, or by 4:30PM latest for warm-up and practice.
  • Games will take place on Diamond #3. When you enter Richmond Green, turn left at the stop sign and go all the way to the end towards the baseball diamonds.

2nd Base: Rules

The rules have been posted on the website and can be found here. All players must be familiar with the rules prior to the games.

3rd Base: Teams

Find your name and corresponding team colour below. Now that you have that, don’t wait until the 9th inning to raid your closet for a grand slamming outfit! 


  1. Salima Jivraj – Captain 
  2. Alia Kamalia
  3. Aliya Fazal-Walimohamed
  4. Farhana Jiwan
  5. Fatema Kermalli
  6. Fatima Jamal
  7. Meenaz Jaffer
  8. Naima Fazal
  9. Sahar Chakroun
  10. Salma Daya
  11. Sayeda Daya
  12. Zohrin Jivraj


  1. Fatema Jaffer – Captain
  2. Aeliya Hashmi
  3. Alisha Kassam 
  4. Aliya Shivraj
  5. Anyse Cazranee
  6. Fatima Railey
  7. Kim Poole
  8. Nezha Ahsan
  9. Saara Alimohamed
  10. Sadiqa Jeraj
  11. Tabassum Bhayani
  12. Zehra Kamani


  1. Sarah Esmail – Captain
  2. Aliya Jaffer
  3. Basheera Fazal
  4. Fatema Kara
  5. Insiyah Kanjee
  6. Maryam Kara
  7. Massuma Kara
  8. Masuma Merchant
  9. Shairoz Manek
  10. Shazia Kara
  11. Shazmin Manek
  12. Shumaila Dhirani 


  1. Azra Jessa – Captain
  2. Ailya Jessa
  3. Arsheen Nasser
  4. Fatema Nasser
  5. Fatima Jessa
  6. Fatima Tarbhai
  7. Sara Champsi
  8. Shairoz Jaffer
  9. Shelina Jessa
  10. Siddiqah Gulamhusein
  11. Tasneem Hudda
  12. Zahra Nasser 

Home Plate: Peanut Gallery

Spectating is free and there is bleacher space available with a spectacular view behind home plate. Bring your moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandma’s to watch!


Don’t forget your gloves, batting gloves, hats, shades, sunblock, and closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops). Should you wear cleats, they must be plastic (no metal cleats). 

Special Section

Stop! In the name of Glove! We have 48 players and 18 gloves among us. If you’re willing to share your glove, we ask that you come early for the first game or stick around for the second. Next year inshalla- we’ll get gloves, but to make this as much fun as possible, we need your help.   

Let’s Play Ball!