JMS Winter Clinics – Session #1

As part of the off season training we’re providing this year, we look at improving players’ abilities on fielding, hitting, and understanding the game. This last week we focused on stance and positioning for fielding ground balls, footwork and communication on fly balls, hitting drills, and the understanding the game session focused on positioning with no runners on base when there is a ground ball, fly ball, or base hit.

The session finishes off with a review of a usually misunderstood rule – this past week that rule was “Infield Fly”. We’ve included the notes from that rules session and will add future topics such as “Over Throws”, “Obstruction”, and “Interference”. We look forward to seeing more of you at our future sessions. To keep up to date with what is happening, please subscribe to our newsletter using the subscription form on the website.

Download the Infield Fly Rule Session

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