JMS Ladies Clinic and Draft

After just an exhibition game in our inaugural season last year, the JMS League is hyped to introduce an entire season for the ladies! Not only will you get jerseys, 6 regular season games, and a possible 2 playoff games, but you finally get to repay the favour and annoy your male loved ones with some sports talk of your own!


Knowing that most of our lady participants have never played before, the JMS Ladies are happy to announce the first softball clinic on Monday April 4, 2016 from 7PM to 10PM at the Jafferi Community Center (JCC) gymnasium


Just a rundown of some of the few questions you may have about the upcoming clinic:

  • What are we going to be doing? You’re going to learn the rules of the games, basic fundamentals, and participate in drills for fielding, hitting, and throwing.
  • Who could possibly be teaching us this? We’re lucky to have a member of the Baseball Ontario Umpires Committee in Lisa Turbitt who will be able educate you and answer any questions you may have about the sport.
  • What do I need for the clinic? Just make sure to bring a glove and some non-marking running shoes! And definitely bring a great attitude, the captains are watching!
  • What if I’m not registered in the league? All registered players will be able to practice for free, while non-registered players must pay a fee of $5.

Much like the Mens’ league, captains will be evaluating players on their skills and attitude in preparation for the big draft! And don’t be afraid to ask questions and mess up, you should see some of the men running around!


If a clinic wasn’t enough to hype you up, the first official JMS Ladies Softball Draft will take place from 9PM to 10PM after the clinic!

All participants are welcome to attend in the Seniors lounge, as captains will take their turns choosing players for their teams. If you’re unable to attend, don’t fret! Full league rosters will be up on the website soon after!

Who are the captains you may ask? This year, we’re excited to have the following four captains: Azra JessaSara ChampsiShazmin Manek, and Kim Poole. So if you’re trying to assure a spot on a specific team, at least you have the weekend to get your bribery tactics ready!


We’re definitely excited to begin this new project with all of you and hope that this season is a success so we can really put the JMS Ladies on the map!

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