JMS Draft 2018 Contest

The 2018 JMS Draft is coming up soon, Sunday, March 4, 2018 – and we’re looking to add a little more fun to the festivities for the participants. The captains are completely engrossed in their planning – they’ve been trying to make trades since they found out what the pick order was going to be – and with the cap now set, they’re busy planning out what their teams are going to look like.

For the rest of us, we’ve created a fun competition – we want you to guess the first two rounds, in order. The player that gets it perfect wins a $50 Gift Card to National Sports, to be given out on draft day. While getting it perfect may be a challenge, we will also have a $20 Gift Card available for whoever gets the closest. We will award more points for later picks correct. You can enter as many times as you like, but only the last entry will be used.

To enter, just comment on this post with the order you’re picking, to help you out, we’re providing you with the list of picks and the teams that are making them (keep in mind trades are possible) – and the list of players that can be drafted. We will also share the link to the Public Draft Board so you can see the captains of the teams.


Pick Team
1 Eagles
2 Falcons
3 Eagles (Trade)
4 Falcons (Trade)
5 Owls
6 Bucks
7 Tigers
8 Wolves
9 Lions
10 Lions
11 Wolves
12 Tigers
13 Bucks
14 Owls


Aadil Jaffer Hasnainali Walli Muzammil Jaffer
Abbas Chagani Hassan Abbas Kara Muzzamil Rizvi
Abbas Fazal Hassanein Bhaloo Nabeel Naqvi
Abbas Mohamedali Hussain Habib Nabil Jetha
Abbasali Kermalli Hussein Champsi Nadeem Kassam
Abid Kara Hussein Jiwan Nadim Rahemtulla
Adam Mawji Imran Merali Nadir Virjee
Adnan Rashid Imtiyaz Kara Raheel Rawjani
Ali Fazal Irfahn Khimji Ray Noormohamed
Ali Kara Kabir Molu Riaz Champsi
Ali Manek Kaunain Taki Safder Jaffer
Altaf Champsi Mahmood Kara Said Samater
Aqil Najafi Maysum Jaffer Sajid Alimohamed
Arif Gulamhusein Mehboob Ajwani Salman Jiwan
Arif Hirji Mehdi Hasan Najarali Sameer Karim
Asad Nasser Mikael Ratansi Samir Damani
Azad Najfi Minaz Noormohamed Sarfaraz Karmali
Azmatali Mehrali Minhal Jaffer Sebastian Gianino
Bobby Bharwani Miqdad Jaffer Shahid Rahemtulla
Daanish Jaffer Moe Abdalla Shane Nasser
Damien Ramnauth Mohamed Railey Tanveer Husnani
Farhan Ratansi Mohamed Walli Tarik Kamel
Hasanain Panju Muhammad Amarshi
Hasnain Kara Munir Nasser

Good luck to everyone, and may the best player win!


  1. 1.Ali Manek
    2.Miqdad Jaffer
    3.Imtiyaz Kara
    4.Daanish Jaffer
    5.Irfahn Khimji
    6.Muzammil Jaffer
    7.Nadim Rahemtulla
    8.Abbas Kermali
    9.Hussein Champsi
    10.Hussain Habib
    11.Raheel Rawjawni
    12.Abbas Fazal
    13.Mikael Ratansi
    14.Muhammed Abdalla

  2. Ali manek
    Miqdad jaffer
    Imtiyaz kara
    Abbas Kermali
    Irfaan Khimji
    Hussein habib
    Muhammed abdallah
    Muzammil Jaffer
    Raheel Rawjawni
    Maysum Jaffer
    Abbas fazal
    Mikael ratansi
    Daanish Jaffer
    Nadeem rhemtulla

  3. 1 Ali Manek
    2 Miqdad Jaffer
    3 Abbasali Kermalli
    4 Irfahn Khimji
    5 Riaz Champsi
    6 Muzammil Jaffer
    7 Raheel Rawjani
    8 Mikael Ratansi
    9 Moe Abdalla
    10 Bobby Bharwani
    11 Maysum Jaffer
    12 Mahmood Kara
    13 Sebastian Gianino
    14 Imtiyaz Kara

  4. 1 Miqdad
    2 Manek
    3 Imtiyaz Kara
    4 Mikael Ratansi
    5 Moe Abdalla
    6 Riaz Champsi
    7 Muzammil Jaffer
    8 Irfahn Khimji
    9 Abbasali Kermalli
    10 Sebastian Gianino
    11 Asad Nasser
    12 Nadeem Rehmtullah
    13 Nadeem Kassam
    14 Bobby Bharwani

  5. 1 Ali Manek
    2 Miqdad Jaffer
    3 Abbasali Kermalli
    4 Muzammil Jaffer
    5 Irfahn Khimji
    6 Mikael Ratansi
    7 Bobby Bharwani
    8 Moe Abdalla
    9 Raheel Rawjani
    10 Imtiyaz Kara
    11 Riaz Champsi
    12 Mahmood Kara
    13 Maysum Jaffer
    14 Hussain Habib

  6. 1 Ali Manek
    2 Miqdad
    3 AK
    4 Mo abdalla
    5 Irfan khimji
    6 Riaz champsi
    7 Mahmoud kara
    8 Muzammil jaffer
    9 Mikael Ratansi
    10 Hussain Habib
    11 Raheel rajwani
    12 Bobby Bharwani
    13 Maysum jaffer
    14 Nadim Rahemtulla

  7. 1 Ali Manek
    2 Miqdad
    3 AK
    4 Mo abdalla
    5 Riaz champsi
    6 Irfan khimji
    7 Mahmoud kara
    8 Muzammil jaffer
    9 Mikael Ratansi
    10 Tariq Kamel
    11 Raheel rajwani
    12 Bobby Bharwani
    13 Nadim Rahemtulla
    14 Maysum jaffer

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