Finals set as Expos beat Pirates

There are home runs, and then there are home runs! This two-game series had lots of them, with the combination of Asad Hussain, Kazim Merchant, Abbasali Kermali, and even Ali Merali getting in on the action. The pirates chose to pitch around Asad Hussain, and as the children in the playground behind the right field fence will tell you, that was probably a good idea. However, there’s only so many people you can pitch around in the Expos lineup before their power hitters leave you no choice and on this day it was Kazim Merchant that supplied the bulk of that power.

The Expos took that and some strong fundamental defence to run away with two back to back victories. Winning the first game 16-2, and taking the second with a convincing 10+ run last inning 21-5. Mariano Rivera impersonator Tarik Kamel came in to close the game with 3 straight outs as the Expos cruised into the finals riding high.

Next week our Bronze medal game will feature the Pirates taking on the Red Sox, as the Red Sox finished with the higher seed, they will be the home team, that game kicks off on Diamond 6 @ 6:30 PM. Then the final sees the visiting Blue Jays playing against the top seeded Expos. This game will kick off as soon as the bronze medal presentation is complete. All players are encouraged to stay and watch this game, Diamond 6 has ample bleacher room for everyone.

Remember next week sees the JMS Ladies taking the field for 2 exhibition games, the first at 3:00 PM with the second at 5:00 PM. Remember the men are asked to refrain from attending as this is intended to be a ladies event. Ladies will be playing on Diamond 3.

Diamond 3
JMS Ladies Exhibition 1 @ 3:00 PM (90 Minutes)
JMS Ladies Exhibition 2 @ 5:00 PM (90 Minutes)

Diamond 6
JMS Bronze Medal Game @ 6:30 PM (105 Minutes)
JMS Gold Medal Game Immediately Following @ Approx. 8:30 PM (105 Minutes)

See the updated Playoff Schedule for full details

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