Draft Rumours: Part Two

As we get one week closer to the draft and trade rumours are starting to swirl about within the captains, it is time for us to unveil the last three team logos!

Management and captains are getting really excited for this upcoming season, and we hope that you’re feeling the hype as well!

Just a heads up, next week’s article will be based entirely on the logistics of the draft: Where is it happening? How can I tune in if I can’t make it? Will there be food? Will there be chai? 


With the 3rd overall pick in the JMS League draft, the Qum Tigers have stumbled upon a draft strategy never before seen: Strike gold in picking the old. Headed by captain Hussein Allidina and assistant Bobby Bharwani, the only thing keeping the Tigers’ average age under 40 is their young assistant, Maysum Jaffer.

While there may be some extreme age drafting, the Tigers have made a valiant effort to research all draft participants, leaving no stone unturned.

However, Captain Hussein Allidina has blacklisted all players who can’t catch or call for a fly ball, noting the downfall of the 2015 Red Sox. Maysum Jaffer seemed to emphatically agree to this strategy, as bad memories overwhelm him. I wish I could tell you the story, but I seem to have forgotten…

Who Would I Take? Trade up, trade down, Allen Ahi.

In my opinion, the third spot in the draft is the absolute worst place to be this year. The top two players on my board are taken, and while being a solid player, Allen Ahi doesn’t exactly fill a need for this Tigers team. While praying for a draft blunder, I’d be heavily shopping this pick, whether it be to move up or trade down.


After landing the 2nd overall pick in the draft, the Kadhamain Falcons seem to be set in the first round, as one of the top 2 players is bound to be on their roster. However, their problem lies as the draft continues forward.

Speaking to an anonymous Falcons’ source, I was told:

“I think the plan will definitely be to focus on lower salary players. We may be forced to take some unknown players. There is an overall worry about the salary cap, and the thought of breaching the limit is definitely looming over our heads.”

While the above quote is to be taken with a grain of salt, captains Imtiyaz KaraMohez Kamalia, and Abbasali Kermalli clearly have the salary cap as a priority and it’ll be interesting to see if they have to formulate some trades to stay within the limits.

Who Would I Take? Miqdad Jaffer, Ali Manek

Either way, at this spot, I’d get a player worth my pick. Both have good offensive repertoires and have clearly shown they have the passion to push a team over the top. But if the Falcons are truly worried about their cap space, I could see another trade going down here, in an effort to build a mid-cap, but rounded team.


Hitting the jackpot in the draft lottery, the Medina Owls hold the #1 pick in the JMS league draft. While you would think this is the easiest position to be in, Owls’ management Azim ChaganiSalim Chagani, and Adam Mawji are faced with a major decision between who to pick or to pick at all.

With the most cap space in the league, the Owls have the potential to shake up the entire structure of the league by trading away the #1 pick. While they’ve made it clear that the pick is definitely up for grabs, they’ve also attempted to sway teams by publicly changing their top target. What the Owls will do, we’ll find out on March 20th!

Who Would I Take? Trade down, Miqdad Jaffer, Ali Manek

I definitely think that trading down would be most ideal way to go here. With the most cap space and potentially a ransom accumulated from a trade, the Owls could easily have 4-5 of the top 20 picks. Building a solid team is much more important in a game like softball, so this would be my choice of strategy. However, if I were forced to pick, I think Miqdad Jaffer would end up being the choice here.


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