Draft Rumours: Part One

For each of the next three weeks leading up to the March 20th draft, we will be releasing some pre-draft insider information so all of you can keep up with the whispers and major moves that take place before you are finally drafted!

With these articles, we will also be unveiling our new logos for each team!

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With the 6th and final pick in the JMS League draft, the Najaf Lions seem to be caught between two worlds. On one hand, they’ve gathered a great captain core of Zane HussainAsad Hussain, and Khalil Sivjee which left them with the least amount of lottery balls and the most cap space used on captains.

“[Our] front office is faced with tough salary cap decisions. The management team is looking to put together a well-balanced team on and off the field. You could really see us taking a Moneyball approach with this one.”

– Zane Hussain.

Management also stressed to me that while they will be concentrating on unearthing the diamonds in the rough, don’t be surprised to see the Lions make moves to grab the role players they think will propel their team to the championship.

Who Would I Take? Tarik Kamel, Jaffer Kermalli, Allen Ahi.

Not only do some of these players have previous chemistry with the Lions’ management from the 2015 season, the flexibility of playing multiple positions is exactly what a strong-headed team like Najaf needs to close off the first round.


Sitting with the 5th pick in the JMS League draft, the Mecca Wolves have situated themselves as a team to make lots of noise with their pre-draft preparations. Captain Ali Merali and his team of Imran Virji and Imran Nasser have diligently gone through countless mock drafts in efforts to craft a team to their liking.

While captain Ali Merali has a tendency to “flip flop,” he has made it certain that he has specific prospects he’s looking at and is willing to take the necessary chances to get what the management has envisioned.

With a long list of players available to them at the 5th pick, one thing has been made certain. The Wolves hold no regard for the Pitcher position as they feel there is no “Ace” in the available pool.

Who Would I Take? Kazim Merchant, Allen AhiAli Nasser.

With the captains combining for 2 home runs and 3 triples in the 2015 season, I’d definitely take a look at grabbing a big hitter like Kazim for my roster, who hit 4 recorded home runs and 3 in a single playoff game. Keep an eye out for Ali Nasser as well, since the brotherly connection may cause for an early draft call.


With the third best chances at getting the 1st pick overall, the Samarra Eagles actually came along some bad luck as they fell to the 4th pick in the JMS League draft. Captain and big-hitter Minhal Jaffer heads Samarrah’s effort, while being joined by his ex-Red Sox teammates, Nadir Virjee and Asif Ali Remtula.

When approached for a quote for this piece, the Eagles management was missing in action as has been the case for much of the offseason. While not being present at any of the Winter Clinics, Minhal and his team were still able to rate prospects at a faster rate than their adversaries.Will their draft plans move forward negatively with a lack of scouting, or do they just have an ace up their sleeve?

Looking at draft philosophy, it doesn’t take a genius to see that this team is built on big hitters. In the 2015 regular season alone, Minhal knocked 5 home runs out of the park. If you’ve been working on your biceps and have the range, you’re probably on this team’s draft list.

Who Would I Take? Ali ManekKazim MerchantAllen Ahi.

While grabbing Ali Manek might be a long shot for the Eagles, he would serve as a good hitter and a viable defensive option at the SS position. However, it would not shock me to see the Eagles take either of the other two names, as it fits with their “big bat” philosophy.

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