Author: Mikael Ratansi

Week 3 Player of the Week

In an unprecedented fashion, the Player of the Week honours for week 3 go to Hassan Champsi. The first Champsi to ever win the award, Hassan had an amazing bounce back week. Going 5 for 6 with 4 RBI’s and a HUGE walk off double to secure the Eagles only win on the week. We received unconfirmed reports that Hassan was telling his brother Hussein he could do this too if he just got his bat off his shoulder.

Week 2 Player of the Week

From current Owl to former Owl, Noor Zia takes over the Player of the Week title for week 2 of the 2024 season, and what a week he had!

Hit for the cycle in game 1, going 4 for 4 with 6 RBI’s and follows that up in game 2 going 2 for 2 along with another 4 RBI’s.

Bats 1.000, hits for the cycle, hits a grand slam and 10 RBI’s…This guy might cost $6 in JMS Fantasy going into week 3.

Fun Fact: Noor’s only out this season so far came via strikeout at the hands of his former teammate, Mikael Ratansi….

JMS League Weekly Highlights

Pitcher Spotlight: Taleb Zaidi

Taleb Zaidi of the Najaf Lions delivered a stellar performance on the mound this week. With an impressive 1.75 ERA over 12 innings, Zaidi showcased his precision and control. He struck out 3 batters, effectively neutralizing the opposition’s batting threats. His ability to consistently hit the strike zone with a 64.4% strike rate proved instrumental in his team’s defensive strategy, playing a key role in the Lions’ success this week​​.


Pitcher Spotlight: Asad Nasser

Asad Nasser from the Samarra Eagles also made headlines with his formidable pitching. Over 12 innings, Nasser struck out only 1 batter but maintained a high strike percentage of 73.0%. Although he allowed 14 earned runs, his resilience and ability to secure crucial outs under pressure were commendable. Nasser’s efforts were pivotal in keeping the Eagles competitive throughout their games this week.


Batter Spotlight: Ali Zia

Ali Zia of the Tigers was a force to be reckoned with at the plate. With an astounding .800 batting average, Zia was nearly unstoppable, collecting 5 hits in 5 at-bats, including 3 doubles. His performance included 3 runs batted in, demonstrating his ability to come through in clutch situations. Zia’s offensive prowess was a significant contributor to the Lions’ offensive outburst, making him a standout player this week​​.


Batter Spotlight: Noor Zia

Another standout from the Najaf Lions, Noor Zia, put on a hitting clinic with a .833 batting average. Zia racked up 5 hits in 6 at-bats, including a double, and Home Run and contributed 3 RBIs. His slugging percentage of 1.500 was among the highest in the league, highlighting his ability to drive the ball with power. Noor Zia’s consistency at the plate provided the Lions with a reliable offensive weapon throughout their games​​.


Player of the Week: Ish Prebtani

Ish Prebtani of the Medina Owls lived up to the hype this week with an outstanding all-around performance. On the mound, Prebtani pitched 13 innings with a strike percentage of 78.9%, striking out 5 batters to lead the league. Despite allowing 15 earned runs, his dominant strikeout capability kept hitters off balance. At the plate, Prebtani was equally impressive, hitting for a 1.000 average and driving in 5 crucial runs with a league-leading 3 doubles. His dual-threat capability has proven that Abbas Fazal, who drafted him, made a masterstroke, leaving other teams wishing they had picked Prebtani. The buzz around Prebtani is well-deserved as he continues to demonstrate why he is the real deal in the JMS League​​ .


JMS League Weekly Team Recap


Mecca Wolves

The Mecca Wolves had a mixed week, showcasing both strengths and weaknesses. In their game against the Qum Tigers, the Wolves struggled defensively, allowing 18 runs on 22 hits. However, Khizer Jamal’s consistent performance at the plate, going 3-for-3 with a double, highlighted his reliability. Abbasali Kermalli also contributed with a 2-for-2 performance, including a double and an RBI, but it wasn’t enough to overcome their pitching woes. In contrast, their game against the Samarra Eagles was a dominant 8-0 victory, with strong performances from Aadil Jaffer, who went 2-for-3 with 2 RBIs, and Abbasali Kermalli, who went 2-for-2 with a triple, driving in three runs. The Wolves’ pitching was solid, with Altaf Champsi delivering a shutout performance.


Qum Tigers

The Qum Tigers displayed offensive prowess in their game against the Mecca Wolves, securing an 18-3 victory. Ali Reza Merali was a standout, going 3-for-3 with a double and three RBIs, leading the team’s hitting onslaught. However, their game against the Najaf Lions exposed some weaknesses, as they could only manage one run on eight hits in a 12-1 loss. Despite the loss, Ali Zia’s performance was notable, as he went 2-for-2 with a double. The Tigers will need to work on consistency, especially in their pitching, to maintain their competitive edge.


Samarra Eagles

The Samarra Eagles experienced a tough week, with a notable 8-0 loss to the Mecca Wolves where they were shut out and only managed three hits. In their other game, the Eagles showed resilience winning 10-8 against the Medina Owls. Hussein Champsi’s 2-for-2 performance with an RBI was a highlight in the close contest. The Eagles’ pitching, led by Asad Nasser, struggled, allowing a significant number of hits and runs, highlighting an area for improvement.


Najaf Lions

The Najaf Lions had an exceptional week, winning both of their games convincingly. In their 12-1 victory over the Qum Tigers, Noor Zia’s perfect performance at the plate, going 4-for-4 with a home run and two RBIs, was instrumental. Jaafar Chalhoub also impressed with a 2-for-2 performance, including a double. The Lions continued their dominance with a 12-2 win against the Mashad Bucks, where Raza Jafary went 3-for-3 with two RBIs, and Muzammil Jaffer added two doubles and two RBIs. Their consistent hitting and solid pitching were key to their success this week.


Medina Owls

The Medina Owls had a strong offensive week, highlighted by their 11-7 victory over the Mashad Bucks. Vick Vij led the charge, going 3-for-4 with a double and two RBIs. Their game against the Samarra Eagles was a narrow 10-8 loss, despite Mustafa Kamani’s 3-for-4 performance with an RBI and Ish Prebtani’s solid pitching. The Owls’ defense and pitching need more consistency to secure wins in tighter contests, but their offense remains a potent threat.


Mashad Bucks

The Mashad Bucks faced challenges this week, losing both of their games. In their 11-7 loss to the Medina Owls, Ray Noormohamed’s 2-for-3 performance with an RBI was a bright spot. However, their 12-2 loss to the Najaf Lions exposed significant defensive weaknesses, with Mikael Ratansi allowing 12 earned runs over six innings. Minhal Jaffer’s 2-for-2 performance with a double was one of the few highlights. The Bucks need to tighten their defense and improve their pitching to turn their season around.