2020 JMS First Round Lottery Draft Preview

The 2020 JMS draft is only a day away! All players, full time and reserve, will be drafted to their teams, and the race for the coveted championship will begin. The draft order is set, so let’s get into a little prediction of how us writers think the first round will go down. But before we do, here’s a little recap of the captains and their co-captains thus far, in their draft order:


  1. Bucks – Captain: Ali Raza Nasser Assistant Captain: Imran Nasser
  2. Owls – Captain: Minhal Jaffer Assistant Captain: Mikael Ratansi
  3. Eagles – Captain: Ali Manek Assiatant Captain – Umair Ali
  4. Falcons – Captain: Ali Reza Merali Assistant Captain: Noor Zia
  5. Tigers – Captain: Vick Vij Assistant Captain: Ali Zia
  6. Lions – Captain: Asad Hussain Assistant Captain: Zane Hussain
  7. Wolves: Captain: Imran Virji Assistant Captain: Aadil Jaffer





First Pick – Bucks: The Smash Bros, Ali Raza Nasser & Imran Nasser will kick off the draft lottery with the first overall pick. Question is, what direction will they go? Will they look to go with familiarity and consistency of a Maysum Jaffer or Kabir Molu? Or add a three-headed monster with the likes of Abbasali Kermalli or Mahmood Kara? Will the player who is drafted first overall be able to live up to the hype? These guys are shrewd operators, so buckle up!

Prediction: Maysum Jaffer


 Second Pick – Owls: Championship pedigree! Captain Minhal Jaffer and Assistant Captain Mikael Ratansi have a proven track record coming through in big games, question is will they be able to do it now as Captains? With the second overall pick, it will be interesting to see what direction they go. They are set at Pitcher and Shortstop, so they might lean towards a steady bat who can anchor the outfield.

Prediction: Kabir Molu


Third Pick – Eagles: After a disappointing 2019 season, Captain Ali Manek is planning his revenge tour. Last season’s MVP Umair Ali fell from the heavens into the Eagles lap during the Assistant Captain’s draft. Manek and the Eagles are set up beautifully picking in the three hole of the first round. Will they take the best player available? Or once again go completely off the board with the third overall pick?

Prediction: Yasser Malik


Fourth Pick –  Falcons: Back as Captain, Ali Reza Merali is looking to regain his crown. After solidifying last season’s Rookie of the Year Noor Zia as his Assistant Captain, there are many ways he can attack the fourth overall pick. If history is any indication, he will take a proven veteran player in the first round. Likely a strong two-way player who can play all over the field and bring balance to the lineup.

Prediction: Mahmood Kara


Fifth Pick – Tigers: Captain Vick Vij plunged on top rookie prospect Ali Zia as his Assistant  Captain. Over the last few seasons, Vick has built his team around a strong veteran experience, however he might be changing his strategy this season. We still feel Mahmood Kara or Shelly Vij will be selected at the five spot IF they are still available, but Vik might also be looking to inject more youth at the top of the draft with the likes of Yasser Malik, Maysum Jaffer or Mikhail Mapp.

Prediction: Shelly Vij


Sixth Pick – Lions: Back as captains of the Lions are Asad Hussain & Zane Hussain. Last time we saw them leading the Lions in 2018, they bolstered one of the deepest lineup in JMS history. Development and winning is the main focus for these legendary captains. Look for them to maybe go off the board with the sixth overall pick based off breakout potential.

Prediction: Mikhail Mapp


Seventh Pick – Wolves: Last season’s JMS Champions will pick  in the final 7th spot in this year’s draft lottery. Skill, depth, grit, and dedication is how Captain Imran Virji likes his players. This was evident when he chose Aadil Jaffer as his Assistant Captain. There will still be some really good players left on the board when the Wolves are on the clock picking 7th. Depth is usually the Wolves strategy, and they are sitting pretty with back to back picks at the end of the first and beginning of the second rounds.  They have had the luxury of having Mik as a top end pitcher for previous seasons, so they might go after a pitcher right out of the gates.

Prediction: Hussein Allidina or Riaz Champsi

Agree or disagree with our predictions? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!



  1. For the wolves prediction I think you meant to put Hussein Champsi? The “Allidina or Riaz” must have been a typo.

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