2019 – Week 5 – Preview

Well that was a crazy week. We had thrills – tie games, chills – there was a couple coolers with ice water, and spills – so many rolled ankles. The latter of which has caused us to reach out to the city of Nobleton in a fury of rage that only Nadim Rahemtulla could represent appropriately. They’re agreeing to fix the diamond, but that means we have to find a new home for the next 2 weeks. Enter Grandview Park, and re-enter the home run rule. This week promises to be interesting, so let’s give you a preview of what’s to come. 

Game 1 – Tigers vs Eagles

On the left we have a team that cannot stop winning, and on the right we have the Eagles. The Eagles are without their assistant captain, Asad Hussain, as he recovers from one of those aforementioned spills – we pray for his speedy recovery and hope that he’ll be back to his MVP self in no time. In the meantime, without their best player, this team looks to Ali Manek to carry the load, and while he’s capable of it, the rest of the team is going to need to rally around him. For the Tigers, expect super reserve Khalil Sivjee to make his debut in this one. Tigers take this one easily.

Prediction: 13 – 7 Tigers

Game 2 – Eagles vs Falcons

The Falcons have been erratic each week with close wins and close losses. They’ve had some attendance issues to deal with, but that plays into their draft strategy as Zane Hussain has seen a lot of time on the field, and that’s a great thing for the Falcons. This coming week for them they’re back on a field in which the field dimensions play into their hands. Expect Umair Ali to have a big game and take a few balls over RF/CF/LF really the whole field is in play for this guy. Eagles will look to counter that approach with home runs of their own as Ali Manek, Hussain Habib and Shane Worthington are all capable. Close one, but we think the Falcons take it.

Prediction: 11 – 9 Falcons

Game 3 – Falcons vs Tigers

This game will feature a well rested Tigers against a primed Falcons team. This one is should be a slugfest. However, we’re looking to the Tigers to start Altaf Champsi in this one. He’s been pretty effective at eliminating the long ball, but so too has the Falcons Hussein Allidina. The Tigers also look to test their newly formed outfield with Mohammedabbas Walli in RF. He will be tested as this Falcons team hits everywhere. We expect a few home runs in this one, but believe it’ll be a pitchers duel, and against the common rhetoric, we’re taking the Falcons in this one.

Prediction 9 – 8 Falcons

Game 4 – Lions vs Wolves

The Lions will be shorthanded in this one with Mehboob Ajwani and Miqdad Jaffer expected to miss this game. The Wolves are on a roll right now, but if there’s one thing that gets Imran Nasser ready to play, it’s showing his relatives who gets the premium spot at the family dinners. The last time these two teams faced off, Imran crushed the Wolves’ hopes by turning a double play to end the game. This game promises to be one in which a lot of words will be exchanged, but probably not a lot of runs.

Prediction: 7 – 6 Lions

Game 5 – Owls vs Lions

Kumail Meghani looks to shrug off a bad week at the plate as his Owls take on the Lions in this one. Kumail’s only memory of a hit was a ball that he popped up to the catcher. The smaller field should be good for what ails him as he and Noor Zia look to make a big impact. On the Lions side of the house, we’re expecting to see a big performance from Moe Abdalla who looks to channel his inner zen master, word is that Moe has been working on his patience and may finally show that potential everyone sees. Owls might just have too many weapons in this one and will come away with the win.

Prediction: 12 – 9 Owls

Game 6 – Bucks vs Wolves

I think after the beating the Bucks caught in last week’s game, they are looking forward to this matchup. They were playing short handed, and looking to have their full squad with them. Captain Ali Raza Nasser constantly reminds us about how his team is the only prey animal amongst our teams, but in this one they’re looking to show that last week was simply an abnormality. For the Wolves, this is a trap game, one they might look past given their past successes, but captain Imran Virji is pretty good at making something out of nothing (inventor of the bunt triple), so we expect he will rally the troops to show that last week wasn’t an accident.

Prediction: 14 – 8 Wolves

Game 7 – Bucks vs Owls

Last game of the day features the Bucks and the Owls, they sit separated in the standings by a single point but that run differential for the Bucks is scary. Owls generally bring forward a top heavy part of their lineup and the small field actually plays to the strengths of the Bucks who can limit singles as singles and doubles as doubles. There shouldn’t be many outfield errors that cost them those extra base runners that have plagued them. We are expecting full attendance in this one, and as a result, we believe the difference between these two will actually swap. Bucks take this one with a gritty performance from often overlooked outfielder – Hassan Abbas Kara.

Prediction: 8 – 7 Bucks

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