2019 – Week 2 Preview

With one week in the books, we’ve had some injuries, some surprises, and some slow starts. Let’s try and take a look at what week two has in store! Make sure to check out the associated story on Instagram to make some predictions of your own.

Game 1: Lions vs Wolves

The Lions proved last week that they are up and ready for 8:30am games. With the team already at the field and warming up at 8am, the Wolves need be sure to get an early night sleep. Lions’ captain Miqdad Jaffer proved last week that he can be one of the top pitchers in the league, and we expect that to continue this week.

With the Wolves’ captain Imran Virji out 4-6 weeks, veterans Minhal Jaffer and Nadir Virjee will need to continue their hot starts. If Minhal is anything like his brother Maysum, he may not make the first early morning start against their brother Miqdad.

Look for the Lions to take game one.

Prediction: Lions 10-8

Game 2: Wolves vs Eagles

After plummeting to the bottom of the standings with two straight loses, the Eagles players are furious at their slow start. We are not sure if Captain Ali Manek knows this, because he is pretty sure that he is a champion right now, as he is busy lobbying Masai to have the Raptors parade pass by his house.

Look for the Wolves to bounce back from their game one loss and take this one.

Prediction: 9-7 Wolves

Game 3: Eagles vs Lions

This game has a little extra to it as it pits former 1A and 1B against each other for the first time this season. We expect the X-Factor of this game to be Riaz Champsi. He has impressed at the plate this year, and could potentially take over a few innings at pitcher. If the Eagles do, in fact, lose three straight, expect Asad Hussain to take the reins from Manek and carry the team on his back to hand the Lions their first loss of the season.

Prediction: 11-10 Eagles

Game 4: Bucks vs Falcons

Falcons’ captain Umair Ali is coming in hot with 9 RBI and 3 home runs already this season. The big question will be if and when the rest of his team will step up and contribute some offence. This might be difficult in game one as the Bucks are expected to field a full line up. How long will it take last year’s Most Improved Player, Damien Ramnauth, to regain his form? We think it will still be another couple of weeks.

Prediction: 9-6 Bucks

Game 5: Tigers vs Bucks

In a rematch of last week’s tie game, the Tigers are looking to pounce on the Bucks. With many of the Tigers already in mid-season form, we don’t expect Mahmood Kara to be too far behind. However, with a week of rust shaken off, we expect the Bucks hitters to be able to find open spaces in the field and let their youth and speed take over this game.

Prediction: 11-9 Bucks

Game 6: Owls vs Falcons

As the Falcons get ready to play their second game of the day, the Owls are looking to continue their undefeated streak. With Muzammil Jaffer a perfect 1.000 for the Owls, look for him to continue leading his team to win number three.

Prediction: 14-7 Owls

Game 7: Owls vs Tigers

The undefeated Owls seem to be the kind of team to fall into the dreaded trap game. With the Tigers getting a breather between games and the Owls on the back half of a back to back, this seems to be the perfect game for the Owls to take their foot off the gas. Asad Nasser always gets riled up playing against Abbasali Kermalli so look for the veteran team to have the mental advantage.

Prediction: 9-7 Tigers

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