2019 – Week 2 – Power Rankings

WeWeek 2 has brought us A LOT of changes in the Power Rankings, scroll down to find out what happened to your team!

Rank Change Team Notes
1 There weren’t a lot of people who had faith in the Tigers after the draft, but those doubts have definitely been squashed. They are showing that age is not a factor, as they went 2-0 this week, along with two mercy innings against the Bucks. Rookie Shelly Vij went 7/8 on the day, proving that he might as well be the better Vij brother. Another bright spot in the lineup is Minaz Noormohamed, who is showing that he can maintain the offence generated by the top half of the lineup.
2 With the Lions remaining undefeated after this week, the Lions are looking like the team to beat. Imran Nasser has been reborn as an All-Star shortstop, and a masked Miqdad Jaffer is showcasing his abilities on the mound. This team has incredible depth, and it doesn’t look like they will be running out of steam in the near future.
3 The Falcons are still waiting for Damien Ramnauth to live up to his first overall ability, but he seems to be sputtering to start the season. Although he hit a home-run, that was the only extra base hit he hit out of his 4 total hits. Umair Ali and Ali Merali are proving to be a great 1-2 punch to the gut of their opponents, as they almost always seem to be getting on base. However, the rest of the lineup needs to be more consistent in order for this team to rise up the rankings.
4 We are all wondering what happened to the Owls last week, as they failed to pick up a win and are the biggest drop of the Power Rankings. Kumail Meghani and Noor Zia need to pick up the slack and be an example for the rest of the team. If they can regain the form they were at in the first week, things will be looking good for them.
5 Ali Manek and the Eagles got that elusive first win off their backs, and immediately followed it with a close loss to the hand of his rival Miqdad Jaffer. Riaz Champsi seems to be struggling out of the leadoff spot, and at the rate he’s going, he will be dropped towards the bottom of the lineup. Hasanain Panju looks like he is heating up and getting some good contact, so he looks like a viable replacement for Champsi. Look for some lineup changes next week to maximize the amount of baserunners for Asad Hussain and Manek.
6 _ Speaking of elusive first wins, the Bucks also got a win, but immediately got clobbered by the Tigers, a team proving to be their season-long rival. A perfect hitting performance by captain Ali Raza Nasser shadowed the underwhelming season debut of the smart-mouthed Hassan Abbas Kara, who can’t seem to grasp the idea of a reasonable batting average. Overall, they had a decent week, and considering they were missing assistant captain Nadim Rahemtullah, they lucked out.
7 The Wolves have a tough road ahead for the next few weeks with captain and Gold Glover Imran Virji out with a broken hand. They lost both games this week, and they need veterans Mikael Ratansi and Minhal Jaffer to take the reins of leadership. They are showing some glimpses of hope, with Saleem Rustam hitting 3 homers on the day. The next few weeks will prove how resilient this team is, and it can shape their performance for the rest of the season.

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