2019 Registration is Open

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2019 Season is now open!

Every year we make changes – we’re not too tied to what we’ve done in the past and take the feedback from the year end survey’s very seriously. Throughout the year as well we collect your feedback and while it may be difficult to make changes once the year has kicked off we incorporate what we believe will make sense for the majority.

This year, here are some of the changes we will be implementing.

  • Removing the grand spectacle of the draft – we heard your feedback, and have removed the draft day event. We’re instead going to do something lightweight and will look to live stream for those that are interested
  • Diamond changes – we know many have been upset by the diamonds changing for the regular season and playoffs, and though that may have been out of our control – we wanted to make an effort to keep things consistent. This is something we are prioritizing in our search for diamonds. We are targeting Bayview Reservoir but will know closer to April/May time period.
  • Reserves separate from the team – it didn’t feel as though the reserves were vested in the success of the team because they were just there to play, we’re going back to a previous year system of having the reserves get drafted by the team
  • Swearing – this was out of control last year and we were disappointed by it. As a result, the rules we implemented in the playoffs of penalties increasing is now permanent.
  • Captains – We have reduced the captain pairing and have now gone to a single captain for each team. We believe this will add to the competitive level as players that have grown accustomed to playing together may now be split up.
  • Absences – With many players missing a lot of games it makes things hard for the rest of the team to gel and perform well in the playoffs. We’ve added a minimum game requirement (8 games) that would need to be met for players to be eligible for the playoffs. If you don’t believe you can make it to that many games we encourage you to sign up as a reserve.
  • Practices – Many teams had poor participation in practice – we’ve added a form in the registration form now so that you can indicate your commitment level to the season schedule and to practices.
  • Playoff Format – A lot of people were disappointed with being eliminated after a single game in the playoffs. We’ve changed things up to go to a 3-game guarantee (double elimination) format. It means more games for everyone and a chance to recover if you have a bad game. It does, however, remove the best of series formats that we had in our semis and finals.
  • WhatsApp News Group – We wanted a way to solve some of the telephone tag and word of mouth miscommunications that were going on. Many of you have already joined this group and we will be utilizing it throughout the year so you can get your messages from the league office directly. Click here to join.
  • Schedule – We heard you regarding making sure there was time allocated to pray and place for it. We’ve now built that into the schedule and a break will be taken each day to allow people to pray. Use of the field will not be permitted for anything but prayer at that time. The full season schedule is available here – but is subject to change based on diamond availability. Please note that playoff dates could be either of August 17/18 weekend or August 25/26 weekend.

These are some of the changes we’ve made and we anticipate there being even more that we look to improve to elevate the quality and game play for everyone. In 2019, we are pleased to bring you the same 7 teams we had in 2018 – each team will have 12 full time players and 2 reserves, for a total of 91 players.

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to sign up, follow one of the two links below

Season Registration
(Maximum 84 Registrations)
Reserve Registration
(Maximum 14 Registrations)
Invite to the Draft Combine for New Players Invite to the Draft Combine for New Players
14 Regular Season Games  Ability to Play when Team is under 10 players in the regular season
Minimum 3 Post Season Games  Ability to Play when Team is under 9 players in the post season
Ability to Practice with the team all year Ability to Practice with the team all year
 No Restrictions on Position or Play Time No Restrictions on Position or Play Time
Entry to Finals Event with Food Provided Entry to Finals Event with Food Provided
Full Uniform (Jersey, Hat)  Full Uniform (Jersey, Hat)
Fee: $225 Fee: $100


  1. Hey guys, I tried to sign up as a full time player last night but wasn’t able to. If anyone is forgoing their spot, please let me know. I have signed up as a reserve for now.

    1. Salaam Noor,
      Unfortunately we are full at this time. Should another spot become available we will contact everyone on the reserve list first to take the spot before looking elsewhere. Thanks for letting us know and we’ll be in touch should anything open up.


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