2018 – Week 8 – Previews

They say when it rains, it pours.  With this rainy season finally starting to get some makeup games underway, the Lions and Owls realized that even rain makeup games sometimes get rained out.  As a reminder, we have a couple of makeup games scheduled for Friday evening and Sunday morning. Although, we would really like to comment on the Friday evening-night double header between the Lions and the Eagles, we will skip to previewing the regularly scheduled games.  

Here is your Week Eight Preview!

Game 1 – Falcons vs Wolves

In a rematch of last week’s makeup game, the Falcons and Wolves square off for the second straight week.  After being told we were too harsh on the original Falcons preview last week, they proved us right by laying an egg against the Lions.  However, this week they are playing the only team lower on the power ranks than them. With the Wolves ready to field a full lineup this week, look for them to make a statement in the first of their back to back games.  Falcons will be without co-captain Abbas Nasser, once again relying on Aadil Jaffer and Riaz Champsi to carry them. With the Wolves captains occupying the two of the bottom three worst batting average on their team, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Prediction: 12 – 6 Wolves

Game 2 – Wolves vs Lions

After Miqdad Jaffer only got his appetizer and dinner, the Lions are back for breakfast. Co-captain Asad Hussain is starting to look like his old self as he hit three home runs and several very, very long fouls last week. Wolves pitcher Mikael Ratansi is already rumoured to be contemplating walking him at every at bat to get to Hussein Jiwan. However, with Jiwan slugging 1.188, it seems like Ratansi will have to pick his poison. Will this be the week that Wolves finally put up consecutive wins? This preview thinks so.

Prediction: 9 – 8 Wolves

Game 3 – Eagles vs Tigers

With the Tigers on an absolute tear, and the Eagles struggling without their #1 pick, this match could be a great one.  Ali Manek is expected to be back this week, but with all the Biryani and wedding cake, the jury is still out on if he will be able to run the bases.  With co-captains Vick Vij and Umair Ali being two of the top five RBI leaders, this game looks to be a high scoring affair. Abbasali Kermalli is still looking for his first home run of the season, and this preview thinks that this week could be it!

Prediction: 21 – 18  Tigers

Game 4 – Owls vs Bucks

In the final game of the week, we have the long awaited edition of the Nasser Championship.  With Asad and Shane Nasser squaring off against Ali Raza, Imran, Aman, and Munir Uncle Nasser, this game has a lot off implications at the family BBQ.  The last time these two teams were supposed to face off, rain won the day. With the Owls having won two in a row, and the Bucks coming off a split, the Bucks are looking to capitalize and regain top spot in the power rankings.  Ali Raza Nasser is in mid-season form and is a dark horse to win the batting title again this year. Will Asad be able to hold him off? Will Shane continue leading his team in batting average? If this game was any earlier in the day, it would not be as close as this preview thinks it’s going to be!

Prediction: 15 – 14  Bucks

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