2018 – Week 8 – Power Rankings

With Week 8 done and only one week left to go, we are seeing less major movement (except one) in the Power Rankings. The Lions are done until the playoffs and the standings are going to be decided on the last weekend of the season. Two games on Friday and four on Sunday will finish us off. Check out where things stand going into the last weekend.
Rank Change Team Notes
1 This team has been rolling ever since the questionable trade that landed them Miqdad Jaffer. However, we don’t think the trade has anything to do with the climb to the top of the rankings, as Miqdad is sporting an underwhelming 0.446 batting average on the season. What has been a key factor for the Lions is major contributions from breakout players Damien “Suslo” Ramnauth and Hussein Jiwan, who are both in the top fifteen in batting average – Damien sitting in second – and top ten in RBIs!
2 Flying into the number two spot are the Owls, having won four of their last five games, including a narrow 11-10 win over the Bucks on Sunday. This team seams to be doing it by committee, with no one player trying to exceed their abilities. Couple that with steady pitching performances from Asad “The Beard” Nasser, and an outfield with speed to burn, these Owls look poised to finish the season strong.
3 The Bucks are on a two game slide, and it has come at a major cost; the number one seed. Luckily, all is not lost as they still control their own destiny. One win secures the number two seed. Win out, and they will regain the top spot. They will be welcoming top pick and top batter Nadim Rahemtulla back into the fold. Can he be the shot in the arm this team so desperately needs?
4 The Tigers had their four game win streak snapped on Sunday in a 12-11 walk off loss to the Eagles. Now that the streak is over, we can comfortably put them back where they belong; the four spot. The Tigers have the ability to score at a torrid pace, scoring twelve runs per game. However, they give up runs at almost the exact same rate, and their 6-6 record is a reflection of that.
5 The Eagles managed to break their four game winless streak on Sunday, but only managing to secure three of a possible six points over the course of the weekend has them sitting in the five spot. After tying game one on Friday nights double header against the Lions, it was the Lions who ultimately delivered the knockout punch in game two – even though it may seem Zane Hussain was the recipient of said punch.
6 After spending the last few years having coached up half the league and given as much of his sage championship advice as he has – Ali Merali can’t get the same advice to work as he and the Wolves find themselves floundering going into the last weekend. It feels like they’re knocking on the door but just can’t seem to remember that it’s their own house and nobody is going to let them in. This team feels like a bunch of disjointed athletes that cannot peak at the same time. Maybe a practice or two will help, and yeah – we’re talking about practice.
7 The Falcons have officially locked up 7th place, in both the standings and the power rankings. This has been a season to forget for them but with one game left on the schedule it’s a chance to go into the playoffs on a high note. While they may not have performed that well in the regular season, nobody really wants to play a team with nothing to lose in a one and done elimination game. Anything is possible…right?

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