2018 – Week 7 – Power Rankings

With Week 7 now wrapped up and a couple make up games to go with it, we bring you our latest version of the power rankings. There are a lot of changes and with a few weeks to go before the playoffs this is the ranking you want to be on top of.

Rank Change Team Notes
1 Watch out! These Tigers are red hot, having won four straight games by an average margin of eight runs, including a 17-1 thrashing of the Owls. Bobby Bharwani has been playing stellar defence at the second base position, and the heart of the line up – Mahmood Kara and Umair Ali – have been hitting the cover off the ball during this tear. We knew this team looked solid on paper, and it was only a matter of time before they put it together on the field.
2 Recently acquired Miqdad Jaffer was quoted saying, “This week the lions will have a three course meal. Falcons will be the appetizer, Bucks for the main course, and Owls for dessert.” And while they devoured the first two meals, it was the Owls who stole the dessert (we think Shane Nasser had something to do with that). Had they swept Sunday’s games, we would have them at number one.
3 Yes, the team with the best overall record finds themselves in the three spot in this weeks power rankings. Both loses have come at the hands of the Lions, and so it’s only fitting they find themselves one spot below the Lions. A slow start to Sunday’s game found themselves down 5-0 after the first inning; a deficit they could not recover from. Captains Ali Raza Nasser and Imran Nasser better have these Bucks focused right out of the gate, because falling behind early is a recipe for disaster, especially come playoff time.
4 The Owls bounced back nicely after the aforementioned 17-1 loss to the Tigers, going 2-0 on Sunday. it doesn’t come as a surprise as they finally were able to field a ten man roster for both games. We still aren’t sure what these Owls are, but if these two games are any indication of what they are capable of with a full lineup, they may not be a team you want to run into come playoff time.
5 What was a very strong start to the season has completely flipped on the Eagles. This team looks completely out of sorts without their number one pick Ali Manek. With Manek in the lineup, the team sports a 5-1 record. Without him, they are 0-3. Let’s hope the number one pick can be in attendance to finish the season as the schedule looks daunting – back to back against the Lions, a meeting with the surging Tigers, and a back to back against the Bucks to end the season.
6 What was more surprising than the Owls not using a reserve, was the Falcons getting a win this weekend! A narrow 7-6 win over the Wolves is just enough to lift them out of the power rankings cellar. It was the game against the Lions that we feel had more importance to the Falcons, and in classic Falcons fashion, they laid an egg, dropping the game 16-4. This team needs a spark from somewhere, but we aren’t sure where it will come from.
7 The honours of last spot in the power rankings goes to the Wolves, who found themselves going winless this weekend over three games. When the heart of your lineup isn’t producing, winning games becomes a tall order. Case in point Sunday, when Ali Merali and Muzammil Jaffer batted a collective 3 for 13 with only 3 RBI. The grind of a season has some of these Wolves’ joints howling, and it’s possible we aren’t seeing what a healthy Wolves team is capable of.

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