2018 – Week 4 – Power Rankings

Another week goes by, and we have some surprises in store for you today! Lo and behold, this week’s coveted Power Rankings.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 We have a new leader this time around, as the Bucks go ahead of the Eagles. The Bucks are no longer undefeated, going 1-1 on the week. Their loss shows that every team can be beaten, even with the hard hitting Nasser duo of Ali Raza and Imran. In the meantime, let’s see if the Bucks will bounce back with more wins against the Eagles and the Wolves
2 The Bucks aren’t the only team to lose their undefeated status, as the Eagles also went 1-1, losing to the Owls and easily disposing of the Falcons. Abbasali Kermalli was noticeably quiet in the loss, but his bat caught fire in the next game. The Eagles seemed comfortable when leading the Power Rankings, but now that they dropped to second, expect Ali Manek to lead the Eagles back to the top with kindergarten level team chants and ground-rule doubles.
3 The Owls stay put for now, despite Kumail Meghani leading the team to their first two wins with 3 homeruns and 9 RBI’s. Pitcher Asad Nasser was a revelation this week, finally not showing up late and getting 6 strikeouts as well. With the Owls finding their groove both offensively and defensively, they are now a team to watch out for.
4 Right now it looks like the Lions pulled of the steal of the century, with new addition Miqdad Jaffer providing a boost on both defence and offence. The Lions defeated the Tigers with their first game, and prevailed against the Bucks in a nail-biting game. Damien Ramnauth and captain Asad Hussain were forces to be reckoned with, and this high octane offence has every team worried. As a result of their success, they go up to 4th place, and expect them to get even higher in the upcoming weeks
5 The Tigers did not have a good week, going 0-2. Runs aren’t an issue for this team, as they put up 8 runs in both games, but their defence is an issue that captains Umair Ali and Vick Vij are going to have to address urgently. If they play like how they have been playing as of late, expect them to drop even more in the Power Rankings.
6 The Wolves go up a spot, rebounding from a loss to the Owls with a win against the Falcons. Imran Virji led the team with 3 doubles and 2 triples, and Said Samater chipped in with a 3-run inside-the-park homerun. However, the team as a whole will have to be more consistent in order to rise in the rankings
7 The Falcons have been terrible over the past couple of weeks, dropping ANOTHER 2 spots to hit the basement of the standings. They thought that the getting rid of Miqdad would help them, but now the trade is looking a landslide win for the Lions. We foresee them staying at the bottom of the Power Rankings for a while, but they will be looking to prove us wrong.

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