2018 – Week 2 – Preview

After the long summer break, only a week without JMS softball seemed to go by too quickly.  For some, not long enough to forget the pains of a horrid start. For others, just long enough for the swelling to go down in the aging joints.  Here is the preview for week two!

Game 1 – Eagles vs Owls

Rumour has it that Asad Nasser bought a new alarm clock to make the 8:30am first pitch.  The Owls are going to need him to contain the big bats of Ali Manek and Abbasali Kermali.  After belting three home runs in week one, Manek is looking to prove he isn’t just a splash in the pan, while Kermalli may finally be recovered from the championship parade. Mr. Perfect, Kumail Meghani is looking to extend his hit streak.  Which Allidina will he face on the mound? This is going to be a great clash of stellar pitching and big bats.

Prediction: Owls get walked off for a league record* third time in a row 5 – 4 Eagles.

Game 2 – Owls vs Lions

Look for game two to feature some big offensive performances.  Both teams feature some big hitters who got off to slow starts.  This game looks poised to feature a lot of home runs as Asad Hussain, Imtiyaz Kara, Mohammed Abdalla, and Irfahn Khimji all look to get their home run stroke back.  The pitchers on both teams better look to limit their walks or we could have a lot of mercy innings.

Prediction: 20 – 17 Owls

Game 3 – Lions vs Eagles

The biggest benefactor to the added teams this year will be the Eagles.  Having a game break will do wonders for this team as they are the team with the most number of white beards.  Look for them to come out strong in their second game. The Lions, meanwhile, are anticipated to have used all their power in the first game.  Look for this game to have fewer home runs, but lots of singles.

Prediction: 14 – 11 Lions

Game 4 – Wolves vs Tigers

In an interesting turn of events, Bobby Bharwani isn’t the same pull hitter he used to be.  Defences can no longer stack the left side of the diamond for an easy out. Will the Wolves pick up on this new trend? If not, they could be looking at another loss.  However, with Mikael Ratansi back on the mound, the Wolves are going to be howling to get out of the JMS basement. Can the rookie bats of Kaunain Taki and Mehboob Ajwani carry this offence?  This preview thinks they just might.

Prediction: 8 – 6 Wolves

Game 5 – Wolves vs Falcons

The long lost cousin of the commissioner, Aadil Jaffer looks to continue his best Miqdad Jaffer impression by hitting to the opposite field.  Riaz Champsi is looking to bounce back to normal form as the Falcon’s infield is going to need Miqdad Jaffer at shortstop against this ground ball Wolves team.  Can the wolves beat the shift? This preview does not think so. A well defensively positioned Falcons team will look to keep this one a low scoring affair.

Prediction: 10 – 2 Falcons

Game 6 – Tigers vs Bucks

Not sure who did the scheduling, but having the Bucks start this late in the afternoon means that they’ll be fresh, be done eating their avocado toast, and ready to play.  After his team telling him to take it easy with the bases loaded, captain Imran Nasser gave into the home run chants coming from the crowd hitting his first grand slam of the season.  Look for this trend to continue as they put up some mercy innings. If this game was in the morning, Azad Najafi’s stutter step may have affected this team, but not today!

Prediction: 19 – 12 Bucks

Game 7 – Bucks vs Falcons

If there’s one thing that can stop the Bucks, it’s the championship pitching of Riaz Champsi.  If he does, indeed, return to form, the Falcons are in for a W. Look for Abbas Nasser and Shane Worthington to carry the offensive load in this game.  Playing against the Bucks always bring out the best in them. Having said this, this preview still has the Bucks remaining as the only undefeated team in the league.

Prediction: 12 – 9 Bucks


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