2017 – Week 4 Power Rankings


We held these off for long enough, partly because not much has changed but here we go…your power rankings.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 Lions are on auto pilot, they’ve been playing in some close games, but they always seem to have just enough to get them through – it’ll eventually catch up to them, but for now, they’re unbeatable. Pitching of Riaz Champsi has really come along, he’s able to get batters to hit right into the heart of the defence and that’s making it really hard to score runs. Expect teams to try to hit opposite field to generate some offence.
2 These guys are winning in all sorts of ways. We’re not really sure how they keep pulling it off, but they seem to be doing it with regularity. Only team that has given them a hard time has been the Lions. Other than that, it’s been smooth sailing. They go against the Tigers this week in their solo affair, so we’re not expecting that this spot in the rankings will be at risk.
3 +2 Ali Manek and Abbas Nasser make such a massive difference to the fortunes of this team. If they have their full roster, they’re a really tough team to overlook. They have some big games this week against the Wolves and Lions – both teams that have had their number but if they have their full roster, look for this to be two games they could easily take.
4 -1 We said they were a win one, lose one, type of team – seems they were determined to prove us wrong. They’re actually a lose 2 type of team. They’ve been struggling since that one big offensive outburst. Captain Ali Merali has noticed that the only time they’ve won, is when he’s gotten the ball to pitched, maybe there’s something to be said for having a true Tanzanian on the mound. Doubt they’ll change it up, but they need to do something different to regain their winning ways.
5 -1 Like the Wolves, this team is inconsistent – they haven’t been able to put together any kind of streak. They’re without their coach Miqdad Jaffer, who leads the team in just about every offensive category this week and are against a difficult test in the Lions, and a very hungry Tigers group that see this as an opportunity to get their first win. Captain Minhal Jaffer needs to figure out his offensive stroke, if the team has to watch another week of him going for the fences and flying out, it’s going to be a disappointing weekend for the Eagles.
 6 We really want to say that this is the week the Tigers win. In fact, this is going to be the standard prediction until they finally break through. Truth be told, no team wants to play against someone that is as hungry for a win as these guys are. Teams have been doing much better in the second half of the double header, so maybe it’s the Bucks that feel the wrath of the Tigers, or more appropriately, you see them here again next week.

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