The Totals

Total Pledges (67) $17
Total 0.01 Donations – Matched 7
Total Bases (Aug 7 & 8) 392
Donations from Bases $6664.00
Lump Sum Donations $2305
Total Raised $6890.40

The Campaign

In 2021, JMS League is partnering with the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank for a campaign we’re calling “Bank Our Bases”.

We’re asking players, fans, and really anyone interested to pledge an amount for each base achieved by batters during the JMS League Playoff Weekend – August 7th and 8th. We’re recommending a donation somewhere between 5¢ and $1, but feel free to go more or less or whatever you’re comfortable with. Then watch the playoffs, or check out the website (or JMS Whatsapp News group) during playoff weekend to see how many bases we get.


So let’s break down an example so everyone understands. Let’s say I pledge 5¢ a base.

  • A single and walk is worth 1 base (We’re including walks in our total bases calculation
  • A double is worth 2 bases
  • A triple is worth 3 bases
  • A home run is worth 4 bases
  • In 2019, there were 808 total bases achieved during the playoff weekend.
  • That 5¢ pledge would work out to a donation of $40.40 for you.
  • Your pledge gets multiplied by the total number of bases achieved by every player in the league throughout playoff weekend

If 20 players pledge 5¢ each ($1 per base total), then in 2019 we would have raised $808 for the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank!!

Every contribution helps make sure that families in the community are getting the food they desperately need. Watch this page for the total number of pledge’s we’ve collected. So if you’re a player in the league get as many hits as you can so we can drive up the donation amount from each pledge. Every base supports the food bank!

When the playoffs are over, we’ll publish the final number of bases and reach out to everyone that pledged their amount. We’ll ask you to make your contribution directly to the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank, donations will be eligible for a taxable receipt.

So let’s get started, let’s get as many pledges as we can so that we can use this year’s playoff weekend as a way to make a difference. Fill out the form below to register your pledge.

Make your pledge


About the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank

The Masumeen Muslim Foodbank (MMFB) is a unique food bank which provides a delivery of monthly food packages to families in need. Deliveries are done in a private and confidential manner thereby maintaining the dignity of the recipients.  These families are from multiple faiths and based around the Peel Region and some parts of the GTA. The food packages contain non-perishables, halal protein (meat, chicken, fish), perishables (fruits and vegetables), toiletries, hygiene products, and gift cards to supplement any groceries that the families may need.

When it’s time to donate

When it’s time to make a donation, just go to Choose One Time, General, and then enter your final pledged amount (which will be emailed to you) under Masumeen Muslim Food Bank (MMFB) and Social Services Activities.