Ladies Opening Day

The men may have kicked off last week, and while Mother’s day was a terrible choice for when to start a season the ladies will forgive their lapse of judgment. Now the real games are ready to start, and in just a few short days the ladies will take the field to show off how softball is supposed to be played. While you get ready for the first game of the season, in the true spirit of softball, we thought we’d start you off with a quick guide to opening day.

Opening Day Schedule

2:30 PM – Jamkaran Wolves v Sahla Bucks
4:30 PM – Baqi Eagles v Kufa Tigers

All games are scheduled to take place at Duncan Park. Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time so that you can stretch and warm up properly.


Each team captain will be receiving jerseys prior to opening day comprising of nicely tailored long sleeve undershirts with matching vests for all players. Make sure to bring your glove, batting gloves (if you use them), cleats (if you’re wearing them), and game faces.


The weather forecast for Sunday is cloudy and 9 degrees. Dress warm ladies, this one might be chilly. Games will not be cancelled based on forecasts or clouds. Field conditions will be monitored prior to the games and captains will be notified for any cancellations. Rainouts will be rescheduled at the end of the regular season if possible.


Bring your family and friends to the game, any fans that came will need to bring lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on as there aren’t bleachers at the park.  Players are encouraged to come out and scout the opposition, cheer them on, take notes and have some popcorn* while you wait for your game to start or recover from playing. Please note that men are discouraged from attending the games, but we will not be able to police this as this is a public facility.

*JMS will not be providing popcorn it is merely a suggestion for a delicious snack

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