2019 – Week 6 – Power Rankings

With one week remaining in the season, it seems that we are having a photo finish for the top spot in both the standings and the equally important Power Rankings. Every team has moved from their position last week, read below to find out which way your team moved!

Rank Change Team Notes
1 The return of Miqdad Jaffer did not seem to faze the Lions as they disposed of the Wolves and Tigers, scoring double digits in both games. They hold a three point lead heading into the final week, but with matches against the surging Falcons and Bucks, they will need to bring their A game.
2 The Wolves can’t seem to get the upper hand on the Lions, but they did dispose of the Eagles quite easily. With them needing to win both their games next week to have a shot at first place, will Minhal Jaffer recover in time to carry this team?
3 Although the Tigers did have a win last week, it was against the shorthanded Eagles, who had Ali Manek and Hasanain Panju leave after their disastrous lost to the Wolves. Their one real match of the week was against the Lions, and although they lost, they did keep up and manage double digits. Can they end of the season with some wins, or will they fall short yet again?
4 The Bucks went undefeated last week, with a tie against the Falcons and a solid win versus the Owls. They need to be able to keep up this momentum next week, as they face a tough Eagles team and the first place Lions.
5 Its no secret that I am a fan of the Falcons, and they proved last week how solid of a team they are. With a gritty tie versus the Bucks and beating the Owls, they showed they can handle pressure, and they are not to be taken lightly. The question is: can they keep this spectacular play come playoff time, or was this a fluke performance?
6 This week could not have gone much worse for the Eagles, with two horrible losses. They were -22 on the day, but there is a positive; they can only go up from here, and we should expect them to bounce back next week to close the season.
7 What is happening with the Owls?? They’ve lost their last 6 games, and 8 of their last 10 games. They led the Power Rankings a couple of weeks ago, but oh how the might have fallen. They obviously need to change something, otherwise expect a swift first round playoff exit from this team.


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