2019 – Week 5 – Power Rankings

As Week 5 came and went, we have some rearrangement in the middle of the pack, but we still have the same leader! Read below to find out where your team ranks.

Rank Change Team Notes
1 The Wolves had an even week, but they remain in first place because the three teams below them had average to below average weeks. They are lucky to have stayed in the top spot this week, but let’s see if they can hold this spot for three weeks in a row.
2 The Tigers are the second of three teams to hold their spot from last week to this week, and also like the Wolves, they had an even week. However, I am a big fan of the Tigers and I see them taking over the Wolves in next week’s edition.
3 With Abbas Allidina (Pitcher of the week) taking over the mound and dealing strikes left right and centre, the Lions won two straight. That the absence of their captain, Miqdad Jaffer, didn’t seem to phase them; begs the question will his return ruin the team’s momentum and ultimately having them drop in the rankings?
4 The Eagles replicated their success last week and went undefeated AGAIN. I called this happening last week, and it seems that I spoke it into existence. With them being unbeaten in their last 5 games, they seem to be heating up at the perfect time, but it would be a shame for them to start spiralling..
5 The Bucks won and lost last week, but keep in mind they STILL haven’t had a full team show up. They were only missing one player, but they seem to be on the right track in terms of attendance. In terms of playing ability, that also seems to be on the come-up with their thrashing of the Owls, but consistency has been an issue for a lot of teams, and this team is no different.
6 The Owls have lost their last 4 games in spectacular fashion. They seem to have all been caught with the case of the “yips”, and the bug doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. They have to step up quickly, otherwise they will drop to last place.
7 It seems like every year I pick on the Falcons to be last, but I am actually a fan of this team. They have all the right pieces to be a contender, but something isn’t clicking. I am sure that a team bonding session with exercises such as trust falls will help them climb out of the basement.


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