2019 – Week 3 – Power Rankings

This past week brought many upsets, and as a result we have some CRAZY changes this time around, with every team moving at least 2 spots from their position last week.

Rank Change Team Notes
1 The Owls have been quite erratic to start the season, as consistency seems to be their greatest foe. However they are tied for first place so they aren’t complaining. They seem to be hitting their stride, but let’s see if they are able to carry this momentum.
2 The Bucks won both games last week, and they snuck up into 3rd place. They seem to always be up near the top of the standings, so look to see Ali Raza Nasser and Nadim Rahemtulla focus on helping the team as a whole and get ready for playoffs.
3 The Wolves are not disappointing without fearless leader Imran Virji, having won both their games. Rumour has it that he will be making an appearance ahead of schedule, so look to see the Wolves force their way to the top.
4 The Lions had an off week, losing their first two games of the season. However, I see this as a minor blip on the road, as they have shown that they can play some great softball. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back from these losses, and this week’s games can determine just how mentally strong this team is.
5 Are the Tigers finally slowing down? Is their age finally catching up to them? Did they lose because they missed their afternoon nap? The answer to all of these questions are an emphatic no. They had an off week just like the Lions, but they know not to get ahead of themselves and will definitely bounce back next week.
6 The Falcons got swept, and with one win in the last 5 games, they need to change things fast. Something isn’t working, and they need to close the leaking hole before the ship sinks. Umair Ali and Ali Reza Merali need to fix this before its too late.
7 At this point, the Eagles seem to be the most overrated team in the league. The team that started off as being one of the top teams is now in the basement of the standings. They did win a game last week, but they aren’t convincing anyone: they need to up their game ASAP.


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