2018 – Week 9 – Previews

At long last, here we are nearing the finish line. They say it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon! After 162 games, or what felt like it at least, we are at the last week of the season. This week will not be without drama as lots can unfold: teams jockeying for position, players looking to cement their status as the league leaders. Outside of the Lions likely finishing in first place and the Falcons finishing in last, anything can happen! Here is your Week Nine Preview! Once again we will be having two make up games on Friday night, which won’t get re-previewed. However, since it is the last two games of the regular season that the Wolves are playing, they will need to win both combined with two Tigers losses on Sunday or they will finish in sixth place.

Game 1 – Owls vs Tigers

In their last meeting, the Tigers were on a hot streak and the Owls were short handed at Bayview Reservoir. With three of the Owls players living close to Nobleton, this one feels like a home game for the Owls. However, with this being an 8:30am game, we are very sure that Asad Nasser will not be showing up for this one. How will the Owls fair? Will Kumail Meghani be able to both pitch and hit? Will Irfahn Khimji and Shane Nasser keep up their hot streaks? It will take some wins, and loses by the Bucks and Eagles, coupled with some long division to figure out if the Owls can move up.
Prediction: 16 – 15 Owls

Game 2 – Eagles vs Bucks (Round 1)

In the first of two, our writers (in the MVP Watch article) have made a big announcement claiming that the Eagles will win both games to take second place as well as have Ali Manek hit at least three home runs to pass Asad Hussain for the home run lead. With Sebastian Gianino giving up the fewest home runs among qualifying pitchers, Manek has his work cut out for him. With Gianino pitching the way he is, this could be the first year in JMS history that Abbasali Kermalli goes an entire season without a home run. Will Hussein Allidina be able to go pitch for pitch with Sebastian?
Prediction: 6 – 5 Eagles

Game 3 – Tigers vs Falcons

With pride on the line for the Falcons, they will be looking to get into mid season form in the last game of their season. Fear not Falcons, the playoffs are a time for everyone to start fresh! In the meantime, though, look for the at least one half of the bash brothers Vick Vij and Mahmood Kara to continue feasting on pitching for what could be the final blow out of this 2018 season. With Vij  needing three home runs to catch Asad Hussain for the league lead, this could have been an interesting finale to their season – but captain Vick will be notably absent from this finish! We don’t think that will be a problem for the Tigers.
Prediction: 17 – 5  Tigers

Game 4 – Bucks vs Eagles (Round 2)

While Ali Raza Nasser has his SMH face on, we can hear Imran Nasser already, “Okay guys, just settle down and play the way we played those last two innings. We got this.” If there is anything we’ve learned this season, it’s that the Nasser brothers play well under fire. However, if we are correct and they’ve already lost their first game to the Eagles, they really have nothing to play for at this point. This is where the experience of Minhal Jaffer and Nadim Rahemtulla take over. Look for these two to finish strong and lead the charge into the playoffs.
Prediction: 16 – 14  Bucks  

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