2018 – Week 6 – Preview

When it rains, it pours.  After being rained out yet again, there are plenty of tears and hugs going around this week.  If you haven’t yet read the Woes of a Captain be sure to do so.

Once you’re done sobbing, put the ice cream tub away, do some push ups, and get ready for some JMS softball!  Here are your previews for Week Six:


Kicking us off this week is Captain Ali Raza Nasser who first needed a hug after being called out in last week’s preview.  Co-captain Imran Nasser came to his rescue on Instagram saying, “Last year at the time ARN went 5-6 leading the bucks to two wins #facts.”  While some believe this was a ghost account, look out for the Nasser brothers to feast off the Falcons pitching.  Imtiyaz Kara will look to finally make his Falcons debut trying to sneak some quick pitches passed the Bucks before they fully wake up.

Prediction: 9-7 Falcons

Game 2 – OWLS vs BUCKS

In the second game of the day Captains Kumail Meghani and Salim Chagani will look to carry the Owls to a third straight win.  This should be a game Asad Nasser is up and ready for as he always has extra motivation in playing against his cousins on the Bucks.  With Asad putting so much focus on preparing for Ali Raza and Imran, look for his little brother Aman and Uncle Munir to help the Bucks take the W.  

Prediction: 11-9 Bucks

Game 3 – Falcons vs Owls

Without the bats of Irfahn Khimji and Moe Abdalla this week, Kumail Meghani will look to Shane Nasser to protect him in the batting lineup.  The one game break this week will be good for the Falcons who are without Captain Shane Worthington and star outfielder Raheel Rawjani.   Will this be the game that Sajid Alimohamed gets his first hit? To beat the Owls, the Falcons are going to need both Alimohamed and Safder Jaffer to find their hitting stroke.  

Prediction: 18 – 10 Owls

Game 4 – TIGERS vs Lions

With Captain Vick Vij out looking for hugs this week, the Tigers will be without their best hitter as they square off against the red hot Lions.  Look for Mahmood Kara to come back with his bananas and lead the way for the Tigers against Lions pitcher Altaf Champsi. Lions Captain Zane Hussain will be looking to get as many of his players on base so Captain Asad Hussain can start hitting home runs again. Will this be the week the Lions open the floodgates?

Prediction: 10-9 Lions

Game 5 – LIONS vs Wolves

They say momentum changes from pitch to pitch, but who are “they” really?  The Wolves will look to hold onto as much momentum from two weeks ago as they can as they face off against the Lions.  Defensively, Captain Imran Virji will look to shift the Wolves defence limiting the Lions opposite field hitters Damien Ramnauth and Miqdad Jaffer.  With the Wolves defence picking up and their offence starting to turn around as well, this game is shaping up to be a fun one to watch!

Prediction: 12-7 Wolves

Game 6 – Eagles vs Tigers

If there was a power ranking for best group hugs, the Eagles would be on top.  While they are currently atop the actual JMS rankings, the Tigers will be looking to bring them down a notch.  The Eagles will have a gaping hole at shortstop this week, with head cheerleader Ali Manek absent for this week’s games.  Look for Farhan Ratansi and Abbas Chagani to exploit that hole and lead the Tigers to a big W.

Prediction: 8-6 Tigers

Game 7 – Eagles vs WOLVES

Capping us off this week Captain Ali Merali and the Wolves will be continuing their steep climb up the JMS rankings.  With Mikael Ratansi hitting his stride after his extensive review of Hussein Allidina’s stats, this game is poised to be a battle of the pitchers. With the additional week off, Captain Hussein Allidina should be well rested to continue a strong pitching performance into the heat of the afternoon.  The big question of this game is, which offence will break out? This preview thinks neither.

Prediction: 4-2 Wolves

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