2018 – Week 6 – Power Rankings

Week 6 is now complete, and this calls for a new edition of the Power Rankings! Grab some chai, indulge in some mandazis, and see how your team fares!

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 The Bucks had a perfect day, winning all 3 of their games. They easily disposed of the Falcons in game 1, but when things got close in game 2, Munir Nasser came to the rescue, securing another win for the team. Game 3 was another close affair, but when Kabir Molu wasn’t getting hit by his teammates, he was getting on base and proving how invaluable he is to the team. The Bucks have a solid team all the way down the line-up, and there is no reason for them not to be in 1st.
2 The Lions are good, really good, but in order for them to feared around the league, they need to show that they can consistently win. Sure, they got rid of the Tigers via mercy, but they lost to the Wolves in a close game. They need players such as Miqdad Jaffer to hit on a consistent basis, and not go 2-7 on the day. A bright spot in the line-up in Hasanain “Hard-Pull” Panju, who showcased his power and his ability to reach on base in those two games. In order for this team to progress, they need to show that their wins are not flukes, and prove that they are the real deal.
3 Last time around, we said to expect Ali Manek to “lead the Eagles back to the top”. However, the team seemingly collapsed without his presence, going 0-2 on the day and therefore dropping another spot in the Power Rankings. Hasnainali Walli seemed to have forgotten how to hit in the first game, but partially redeemed himself in the next game, notching two of the team’s 3 hits in the game. Look for this team to bounce back in their next few games, and try to reestablish their position as a top tier team.
4 The Owls look very confused at the moment. On the one hand, they committed 9 errors across two games, but they seemed to be hitting well and get wins. Kumail Meghani was a shell of himself in the first game, but returned to normal in the next. A revelation for this team has been Abbas Fazal. Going 6-8 in two games is no easy feat, but Abbas makes it seem like a normal day. For this team to start moving up the Power Rankings, they need the bottom half of the order to step up and get on base, so that their big guns at the top can bring them home.
5 The Wolves are firing on all cylinders, rising another spot in as many weeks. A big reason for this is Ali Merali, who got on base every single at-bat. Pitcher Mikael Ratansi was back to his usual form, suppressing the Lions’ power and shutting out the Eagles. Things are looking good for this squad, we shall wait and see if they can use this momentum positively.
6 The Tigers can’t seem to catch a break in the Power Rankings, going down another spot. The good news however, is that they would have to do really, really bad in order for the Falcons to surpass them. The main issue with this team is their lack of defensive ability. 9 errors in game 1 alone resulted in a mercy win for the Lions, and this leak on the field must be fixed ASAP.
7 There really isn’t much to say now that hasn’t already been said about the miserable state of the Falcons. Another terrible week have them wishing the season is over, but fortunately for the Non-Falcon contingent, their woes continue. Maybe if they have a player consistently play second base then they might start to string together some wins, but until then, expect them to stay in the cellar for the foreseeable future.

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