2018 – Week 3 – Power Rankings

3 weeks in, and we have some changes to our power rankings. Let’s take a look to see which team has topped our rankings this time around.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 The Eagles once again lead the power rankings, and they showed their dominance against a weak Falcons team. Ali Manek¬†showed up with 4 RBI’s and this team is gelling together nicely, and thus they continue to stay in the top spot
2 Just like the Eagles, the Bucks hold on to their second spot… for now. Even though they feasibly disposed of the Wolves, they did have an unconvincing win over the Tigers, we will have to wait and see how they will fare in a doubleheader next week against the Lions and those same Tigers.
3 The Owls deserve a break, because even though they were severely short-staffed and had only 5 of their actual team show up, they still had a strong outing in a 10-10 tie with the Lions. As a result, we are giving them the last spot on the podium, and hopefully next week Asad Nasser finally shows up on time, and Mohamed Railey brings a jersey.
4 The Tigers also move up a spot in this week’s rankings, as they had two close games that could have gone either way. In this case, it did, as they left the diamond content with a win and a loss. However, performances like these aren’t going to be good enough to get to the top spots in this league.
5 The Falcons had a game to forget, getting demolished by the powerful Eagles. This results in the biggest drop of the rankings. Despite that, look for the veteran leadership of recently acquired Imtiyaz Kara to help this team back to greener pastures.
6 The Lions move up a spot, and that is due to the fact that they put up a good effort in the tie game against the Owls. They almost pulled off the improbable victory, but alas, that wasn’t meant to be. Let’s see how this team shapes up against the Bucks and the Tigers next week.
7 Every power ranking has to end, and unfortunately this time it ends with the Wolves. To be fair, they did put up a lot of runs, it just happened that the Bucks put up more. We will see how the Wolves rebound from this and how they fare next week.

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