2018 Registration Open

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Season is now open!

This year we’re making some changes based on your feedback and the desire to continue to grow the league. We are expanding the number of teams to 7, adding an additional 12 full time players. Continuing with last year, we are still including reserves as part of the registration process – each team will have the ability to draft and have 3 players that will serve as reserves and can fill a spot whenever they’re full time roster drops to below 10 players. The change this year is that we reduced the time when reserves can play, and as a result, we’ve dropped the cost of playing as a reserve.

This means that there will be more playing time and ABs for those players that are able to make the games. However, each reserve player will receive a full uniform and be a bonafide member of the team, attend practices, Whatsapp groups, and whatever else.

Continuing this year, you MUST be at least 18 years old in 2018 to play. We’ve kept the age limit the same.

We will also have some winter training sessions – some of it will be used for evaluation but others will be used just to get players better. The invite list will be limited to ensure that the sessions are productive for people. To see the full schedule for the year, please check out our schedule. The Captains for our 7 teams will be

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to sign up, follow one of the two links below

Season Registration
(Maximum 84 Registrations)
Reserve Registration
(Maximum 21 Registrations)
Winter Sessions in Indoor Facility Winter Sessions in Indoor Facility
 Draft Session with Food Provided  Draft Session with Food Provided
14 Regular Season Games Ability to Play when Team is under 10 players
Min. 2 Games in Mid Season Tournament Ability to Practice with the team all year
Min. 2 Games in Playoffs No Restrictions on Position or Play Time
Entry to Finals Event with Food Provided Entry to Finals Event with Food Provided
Full Uniform (Jersey, Pants, Hat)  Full Uniform (Jersey, Pants, Hat)
Fee: $175 (Before Jan 1), $200 After Fee: $75


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