2018 MVP Watch

The MVP Watch is on and here are some notes going into our final weekend.

Asad Hussain seems to be leading the charge at this point with an insane lead in RBIs and Home Runs.  3rd in Average, 2nd in OBP, Slugging, and leads the league in walks and hits. However, with no games left this season, he’ll be keeping a close eye on the competition.

Ali Manek may not have been drafted #2 but it’s where he’ll likely finish the season – AGAIN! He is top 5 in RBIs but currently 2nd in Home Runs.  He is leading the league in OBP, Slugging and Average currently on pace to be the 2018 Batting Champion with a .731 AVG. He’ll need to maintain his high average this week against the one of the best defensive teams in the Bucks plus hit a couple of dingers to have a shot at that MVP title.

Damien Ramnauth is the 2nd best player on the Lions this season (even after the trades).  Damien is 3rd in the league in hits and OBP, 2nd in RBIs and batting average.  After next week, he could be crowned the batting champion and with 30+ at-bats this season, no one is calling this a small sample size.  

Vick Vij is on fire after another two home runs this week bringing him to 3rd positions with 6 this season. A strong finish against the Falcons will have him moving up.  He 5th in average and Top-4 in Hits and Slugging, and tied for 3rd in RBIs.

Sebastian Gianino is a rookie making a big name for himself this season with a pitching line that’s worthy of MVP talks.  The Bucks look likely to finish in first or second place largely because of Sebastian. He is tied for the league lead in wins, leads the league in ERA and WHIP, Walks Allowed and HRs allowed.  He is 2nd in almost every other pitching category and has a .500 OBP at the plate.

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