2017 – Week 5 – Power Rankings

Here are this week’s power rankings. Heading into the weekend, a lot is changing on the board and it seems to be solidifying as we get closer to the playoffs.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 Still undefeated, still on cruise control. Best offence in the league – Riaz Champsi making his claim for Best Pitcher of the Year. This season seems easy for these guys. The only thing that will get these guys off their winning ways will be their own internal strife. Pay attention to this week as you might see some discord between those that are and those that were.
2 +1 I’m bringing them back up to this mark – they’ve been playing really well, they have a strong nucleus and when they all come out to play they’re a tough team to beat. The problem is you never know if they’ll all make it. Everyone not named Abbas Nasser seems to having a great year – they’ll be a tough team in the playoffs regardless of who gets them.
3 -1 They lost to the Tigers – I couldn’t in good conscience keep them at 2nd. They seem to be floundering a little bit as of late, haven’t really been able to put together any kind of consistency but this is not a team to overlook. They’ll have 2 chances for retribution this week as they take on the Wolves and Lions. The last game of the day is one to watch as it might be a preview to a playoff matchup.
4 +2 They won! And then they won again! The difference here is that they did so in a rout. Clipping the Eagles wings, and stepping on the 2nd place Bucks. Whatever Bobby Bharwani has been doing at these practices, it seems to be paying off on the field. He’s trying to make the case that chemistry wins out in the end, and for now, he’s right. Let’s see if this was a one off or the Tigers continue their winning ways this weekend.
5 -1 Aman Nasser has struggled on the mound – with this team unable to get anything going they’re going back to a tried and true formula – extra doses of Mikael Ratansi. However, that means that the team is without a shortstop, so Ali Merali will be stepping into that role. Then the team is without an outfielder, so…there’s a hole in my bucket? Hopefully this team figures it out – with games against the Eagles and Bucks – they need to come out with a win to stay relevant and motivated.
 6 -2 This team played the Lions tough, taking it to the last inning and just falling short of a win. However, that’s everyone’s story against the Lions – they keep you close and then beat you at the end. If it were a true testament to how they were playing it would carry over to their next game – except that they lost 20-3 against the Tigers. 20 runs let in is impressive, scoring a paltry 3 though, that gets you last place in our power rankings.

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