2017 Week 1 Power Rankings

Back after a few weeks, we bring you our post-week 1 Power Rankings. While a lot may have happened in Ramadhan, we try to keep these rankings based on what happened when the scores mattered. Without further adieu, here are your rankings.

Ranking Change Team Notes
1 We haven’t seen anything in the regular season to indicate that they should be moved from their top spot. Remember, these are power rankings, and not standings. They might be number 2 in the standings, but come game day, we still think that they’re a better team. One thing to look for this week – these guys had an abysmal Ramadhan, playing at night is not something they do well with. Let’s see if they can rebound or they continue their slumping ways. They’re against the Falcons and Tigers, so if they don’t come out of this weekend remaining undefeated, they’ll drop from this position.
2 A strong 2-0 record to start off, but a close game against the Eagles, and a blow out against the Tigers who they really should be beating anyway – no reason to move them yet. The team is going to be without a number of players this coming weekend, and with games against the Bucks and Wolves – this could be the highest spot they see in the rankings for a few weeks. Both captains will be MIA this weekend, let’s see if the team can get some leadership from their SS/CF combo (Ali Manek/Hussain Habib)
3 They started to play a game, but didn’t really get to do anything once the rain started. A team with Asad Hussain on the roster gets the benefit of the doubt until someone comes to prove them wrong. These guys got some play time over Ramadhan and one of the most impressive things is that their captain looks to have gotten his swing back as he was hitting line drives way beyond the fence at Powerade Centre (That’s 300+ feet for those keeping track at home). Team’s might want to consider taking the 2 base penalty.
4 +1 Didn’t even play a game and they get to move up the rankings. Their ascension is more an indication of the frivolity of those below them. However, we may have underestimated this team in our initial assessment. It seems Ali Merali has built a team where nobody between 5’6 and 6’0 is allowed to play but the strange dichotomy of heights seems to be working for them. They’ve had some success in Ramadhan and are doing so with a casual attitude. It’ll interesting to see how they play now that the games count.
5 -1 A sad 0-2 start to the season requires these guys moving down. There have been some interesting developments though, with Raheel Rawjani making a name for himself right away and solidifying himself as the team’s everyday left-fielder. Teams are going to have to look to get their hits somewhere else as it seems nothing will drop in that area. The team welcome’s back their assistant captain Minhal Jaffer this week who brings with him some long ball power that should do well to put some big scoring innings in play for this team. Also look for a surprise pitcher on the mound this week as Komail Rawjani looks to see how he can translate some cricket spin into some slow pitch mastery.
6 They played 1 game, and lost 9-2. Thankfully for them, Allah is all merciful and let the rain come down to make sure they wouldn’t get blown out 2 games in a row. A rain shower is likely the only thing that stopped this team from being 0-2 to start the season with the Eagles. They’ve been working hard in Ramadhan and look to have the power of their lineup ready to play this week. Captain Bobby Bharwani has been working on his swing and is looking to get some revenge against those that think his team belongs in this lowly 6th spot.

Agree? Don’t agree? Leave us some comments below and let our panel of one know what you think.

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