2017 Registration Open

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Season is now open!

This year we’re making some changes based on your feedback and the desire to continue to grow the league. While we will not be expanding the number of teams, we will be adding dedicated reserve players to each roster. Each team will now have the ability to draft and have 3 players that will serve as reserves and can fill a spot whenever a full-rostered player is unavailable. Reserve players will pay a limited registration fee as a full rostered player and will be able to play in any games regular season or playoffs that the team is missing any of their regulars.

This means that no longer does a team have to drop to below 10 players to use people on the waitlist. No longer will specific individuals be used more than others and play on multiple teams in a given day, and no longer will waitlist players be limited to positions in the field, and places in the batting lineup. These reserve players will all be evaluated and given a cap value that the captains will have to consider as part of their draft process.

Each reserve player will receive a full uniform and be a bonafide member of the team, attend practices, Whatsapp groups, and whatever else. The only limitation is that a team may not have more than 12 active players for any given game, so playing time will be dependant on your availability and the attendance of the regulars. Reserve players will also be eligible for playoffs which will make everything a little more interesting.

Also new for this year, you MUST be at least 18 years old to play. We’ve increased the age limit to encourage our youth to play in leagues with other youth.

Other changes this year is that we are removing all fines associated to uniform infractions – hats are no longer required as it was very sporadic when they were actually worn and it becomes problematic to chase people. Instead, those that come to a game without their jersey, will not be allowed to play. As a result we will not be providing hats this year. Swearing fines, however, are still in affect and we are actually increasing the penalty to $20 per infraction, 3 infractions now result in an automatic suspension of one game. We had a number of families with kids coming to our games and we want to ensure that we create an environment that encourages players to bring their families.

The final major addition this coming year is a mid-season tournament – teams will get to play in a double elimination tournament where they will get to prove who is the best team mid-year before the playoffs and the regular season are over. There may be playoff implications for the winners, but we are still determining that. Reserve players will be able to play in the tournament as active rosters will be increased to 15 players to allow everyone to play.

Our winter sessions this year will be fewer, reduced to 2 from 4, but will take place in a full size indoor baseball facility. Winter sessions will be mandatory for players new to our league, but will come at no cost.

Lastly, many wanted us to switch diamonds and go to evening games – this will not be happening for a variety of reasons. To see the full schedule for the year, please check out our schedule, and to check out the captains of our 6 teams, click on any of the team links Bucks, Eagles, Falcons, Lions, Tigers, or Wolves.

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to sign up, follow one of the two links below

Season Registration
(Maximum 72 Registrations)
Reserve Registration
(Maximum 12 Registrations)
2 Winter Sessions in Indoor Facility 2 Winter Sessions in Indoor Facility
 Draft Session with Food Provided  Draft Session with Food Provided
11 Regular Season Games Min. 2 Games in Mid Season Tournament
Min. 2 Games in Mid Season Tournament Ability to Play when Team is Short Players
Min. 2 Games in Playoffs No Restrictions on Position or Play Time
Entry to Finals Event with Food Provided Entry to Finals Event with Food Provided
Full Button Down Jersey  Full Button Down Jersey
Fee: $175 (Before Jan 9), $200 After Fee: $100

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