2016 JMS Ladies Season Now Full!

Thank you for your interest in registering for the inaugural season of the JMS Ladies – we have currently reached capacity. But don’t throw your glove in the air just yet, you may still have a chance to get on the field!

In order to get your name on the shortlist, you will need to complete the following form. Should any spots open up for one-off games during the season, all shortlisted members will be sent an email advising of the number of openings – from there it’s a race to the base! If you respond quick enough, you’ll be able to secure one of spots and get a piece of the action! The fee due at the diamond will be $10 per game.

Please note, you must be 15 and older to play and you will need to bring your own equipment (i.e. glove).

Spectating is free and does not require any registration, so come out and watch!

We’re excited to bring you a season with 4 teams, 6 weeks of games, 2 additional weeks of playoffs, jerseys, umpires, the works. Don’t wait to secure your place in history as the first generation of players.

We look forward to seeing you all on the field!

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