2 Weeks Left

Getting down to the wire and the standings can completely change in a number of different directions. With this last week complete, we don’t have a ton of ‘story’ material to share, but wanted to go over the scores and then some potential impacts for next week’s games as we could have a better idea of seeding by the end of the day.

Game 1 – Tigers 13 vs Eagles 5

We start out the day strong, had a full Eagles roster, a 2-run HR by their captain Minhal Jaffer started this one off for the Eagles. That was the last time this team had a lead. With the Tigers scoring 5 in the bottom of the frame, the Eagles never really could come back. Standouts in this one was Mohamedabbas Walli going a perfect 4 for 4 with 2 extra base hits (2B, 3B) and 3 runs scored. This game featured at least 6 errors by the Tigers. If this team wants to make some noise in the playoffs, they’ll need to start playing like they were at the start of the season, error free and strong defensively. Which brings me to my next point…

Game 2 – Tigers 4 vs Falcons 21

So the last place Tigers came in to face the ever dominating Falcons only to be dismantled. If the article started that way, at least we could understand the score. However, in this instance we have a 1st place team, taking on a 4th place team and getting thoroughly embarrassed. Having lot 2 of the last 3 the Tigers appear to be slumping, and we’re hopeful that the beating they just took at the hands of the Falcons wakes them up and gets them back to being competitive.

While this is a terrible showing on the part of the Tigers, the Falcons on the other hand are starting to peak in time for the playoffs. The top players in the lineup were impressive with Riaz Champsi, Imtiyaz Kara, and Mohez Kamalia all going perfect at the plate, totalling 10 RBI and 9 Runs scored between them. Almost every player on the Falcons roster recorded a hit in this one. They left more people on base than the Tigers had runs. Should I go on? This one was over in the top of the first when the Falcons put up 6 runs.

Next week we see if the Tigers can rebound and the Falcons can continue their offensive exhibition.

Game 3 – Wolves 18 vs Owls 4

Game 4 – Wolves 14 v Lions 8

We have no idea what happened in these games, if you talk to the Wolves they played amazing, scored 18 and 14 runs respectively, hit home runs. Even Imran Nasser supposedly hit a home run outside the park. As did his big brother, Ali Nasser (2), and it seems all the Wolves were getting in on it Imran Virji (2), Abbas Nasser, and Aamir Panju. We’re sure other stuff happened too, but without stats or a writer on site, we have nothing to go on. What we can tell you is that this Wolves team is playing like a team possessed. They’re dismantling their opponents and leaving nothing to chance. With the playoffs coming up soon, they’re making sure that all their players are ready to go.

The Owls appear to have taken a step backwards this week as they played the Wolves pretty tough last week, but perhaps missing players like Hussain Habib have something to do with their loss. This coming week features a game against the Eagles and one that should be a battle for not being in last place. We’ll see how the two teams end up in the standings after this one.

As far as the Lions are concerned, they’ve now fallen out of second place, and a double header this week coming up gives them a chance to right the ship. But they’re facing the Falcons and Tigers and could easily drop to 4th place after the day is done.

Playoff Implications this Week

Falcons @ Lions – The winner of this one, will likely hold the 3rd spot for the playoffs.
Tigers @ Lions – Tigers need this win to secure a bye for the playoffs (1st or 2nd place)
Wolves @ Eagles – Wolves like the Tigers need to win this to secure a bye for the playoffs, assuming the Lions lose. This team needs to win out to give themselves a chance
Owls @ Eagles – Battle for last place, Owls win and they guarantee themselves the 5th seed

Don’t worry Ealges

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